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five videos demonstrating the use of smartphone apps in compensating for
sight loss
Here are five videos demonstrating the use of smartphone apps that Henshaws
deems to be most useful in compensating for sight loss. The page also lets
you sign up for their monthly email
announcement list so you can learn about future offerings:
There’s been an explosion of apps produced using artificial intelligence to
overcome the issues of sight loss. They enable your smartphone to do what
your eyes can no longer (or never could!) do.
What’s more the vast majority of them are free. They can be used in ways you
may never have imagined. Let us introduce you to our favourites.
Introducing Be My Eyes
BeMyEyes enables anyone with a visual impairment to connect to a sighted
volunteer, through live video, so that they can explain what’s in front of

Introducing BeSpecular
BeSpecular is a fantastic app that enables anyone with a visual impairment
to get an audio description of something they’ve photographed – from a real
person – within minutes.

Introducing Station Alert UK
Train Station Alert UK
Knowing where to get off the train is not easy when you have little or no
vision – in fact many sighted people often miss their stop! Check out
Station Alert UK, which will notify you when you’re
at your stop so you can sit back and enjoy your journey.

Introducing Aipoly
Aipoly enables your smartphone to understand objects, and colors, through
artificial intelligence.

Introducing TapTapSee
TapTapSee enables your smartphone to understand objects through artificial

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Internet Explorer Favorites Tips
By Karen Santiago Editor of “The Blind Perspective”
I don’t know about you but I have a lot of websites saved in my Internet
Explorer favorites. If you do not organize your websites within your
favorites, they are then listed in the order you saved them. However, you
can organize
them alphabetically with these easy steps!
1. Open internet explorer
2. Press Alt A to open your favorites
3. Arrow down to anyone of your favorite websites
4. Press your application key (or Shift F10)
5. Arrow up (usually two times) to Sort by name
6. Press enter and now your favorites will be in alphabetical order Note:
If you add anymore favorites to the list, they will automatically go to the
end of the list until you repeat the above process
Have you ever encountered a webpage with hundreds of links within the text,
making it a bit distracting to read? There are many web pages like this;
the first one that comes to mind is Wikipedia. Maybe you would just like to

read the information without being distracted by all those links. Well
there is a way you can do this using Jaws settings.
While on the web page you want to read, do the following:
1. Press Alt, Insert, and the letter S; this will take you into the scheme
dialogue 2. Press the letter S to get to say all text only
3. Press enter to activate
Now you can press Insert, down arrow to read all without the link annoyances
To set the page back to its default do the following.
While on the web page:
1. Press Alt, Insert, and the letter S to go to the scheme dialogue 2.
Press the letter C until you get to Classic (be sure to listen, since there
are multiple classic options) 3. Press enter to activate
Lastly, how about being able to copy some information from a website, while
stripping out its format that is inherited from the web page. This will
remove unnecessary formatting. This happens to be one of my favorite
keystrokes especially when copying a new recipe. Here is how to do it.
While on the web page you want to copy:
1. Select the text you want using your select commands
2. Then copy using Control C
3. Open Word or outlook
4. Press the key combination: Alt, H, V, T
You will then have a text only document
I hope one, two, or all three of these suggestions may be useful for you.

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