How accessible is the hiring process

How accessible is the hiring process?

This is one of the questions that many employers continue to grapple with
and one that many job seekers continue to ask. The landscape of hiring has
drastically changed over the last few years and has become even more marked
with the evolution of the Internet along with such things as:
Social media, employers using their websites to advertise job openings, and
everyone using outlets such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to advertise
their profiles.

All well and good and there is nothing that we can do to stop technology
from driving these trends but for blind job seekers, it poses a whole new
set of challenges. What are these? In a nutshell, inaccessible and
unusable websites.

If websites are not accessible or usable, blind persons seeking jobs are
again shut out from the mainstream world. If blind persons are unable to
access forms that they need in order to complete online job applications,
they are again shut out and then need to turn to sighted assistance. If
websites ask job seekers to upload their resumes and these upload facilities
are not accessible or usable to blind persons then there is yet another

The snapshot of this all is that once again; blind persons have to depend on
sighted assistance to help them access, navigate, and complete relevant
information and in just the blink of an eye! There goes their right to
privacy, confidentiality, and above all independence.

This is a real barrier and everyone needs to be very aware of this. We need
to work together to find ways to eliminate this barrier. With less and less
access to a live person, this needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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