Is your computer Listening To You?

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A Dan Thompson contribution
Is your computer Listening To You?

I have not personally used Google Crome’s dictation/listening option.
However, I felt it was important that other Crome users are aware of your
computer listening you. I consider it very concerning. If the micraphone
is one and activally listening, then one must ask, are others listening to
your activities while exploring the internet etc.?
So here you go.
Voice activated search image
One of the features in certain versions of the Chrome web browser is voice-
activated search. Just say “OK Google” and then you can dictate your search
query. But the existence of such a feature poses a question. If the
browser is to be able to recognise when you say “OK Google”, presumably it’s
listening to everything you say. All the time.
If you use Chrome and you want to find out whether this is indeed the case
on your computer, open your browser and type chrome://voicesearch/
in order to see the settings for that particular feature. If it says that
audio capture is allowed, and that a microphone is detected, then there’s a
good chance that your PC is listening to you.
If this is the case, head to
to find out how to turn it off.

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