Google headlines of the week

Hello there and welcome to our Google news round up for week ending Feb 11.
We hope ou find them informative.
The Sterling Creations team

Globe editorial: Baby Boomers, please don’t retire just yet
The Globe and Mail
Back in 1971, fewer than one in 12 Canadians were seniors. … That’s
because the aging of the Baby Boomers means a reversal of one of the
dynamics … An across-the-board increase in the age of eligibility for
government retirement
programs … News. Trump offers to ‘destroy career’ of Texas lawmaker …

Baby Boomers: Movers, and buyers, too
Aging Baby Boomers will continue to have a positive impact on housing
demand. As Baby Boomers grow older, their housing needs will continue to …

Brian Jones: 9 to 5 to death
The Telegram
If a wave of baby boomers retired at 65, it would open up opportunities for
young … people no matter what their age — raised the retirement age to 67
from 65. … bulge that has hogged and clogged most of the good jobs for

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