Scam watch! scams making the rounds or this past week

Hello everyone and we at the business desk are introducing a new feature to
help you become more aware of those nasty scams making the rounds.
This is going to be a weekly feature and we hope that you take advantage of
our info as it will help you to stay out of the way of scams and scammers!

1. A fake email from Apple –
For a second week in a row we see that there is a fake email making the
rounds from Apple.
This one tells you that your birth date has been changed and urges you to
login and varify.
Logically speaking, most of us will quickly see the scam in this!
Just ignore this email and move on.

2. A fake email from a company called one and one –
This email tells you that you are about to reach your resources limits with
your hosting company and asks you to login and increase your resources
It is a fake of course; just ignore.

3. A phone call telling you that you need to call a 1800 number to varify
your credit card details –
This phone call asks you to use their option menu to varify your credit card
Simply hang up!

4. Another fake email from Paypal –
This email tells you that your options have been limited and that you need
to login using the link provided in order to rectify this.
Simply ignore and delete this email.

Until next week then
The Sterling Creations team

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