Scam watch! scams making the rounds for this week

Hello everyone and we at the business desk are introducing a new feature to
help you become more aware of those nasty scams making the rounds.
This is going to be a weekly feature and we hope that you take advantage of
our info as it will help you to stay out of the way of scams and scammers!

1. the click bate scandal –
This is a very concerning scam in that you receive an email asking you to
click on a link that has an image of either a well known person or
The image would often depict somone familiar advertising a product or words
to the effect.
If you make the mistake to click then you are taken to a website that has
nothing to do with this celebrity in any way and as a matter of fact this
person knows nothing about this.
Unscrupulous people are using this method to entice you to click on a link
and when you do and you are taken to their website they are paid for you
just having clicked.
Just ignore these emails.

2. Fake accounts –
More and more people are setting up accounts on instagram with names of
celebrities as part of the account name and when you make the error to visit
you see images of the person whose name the account has been set up in.
You need to ensure that the account you wish to visit is that of the
authentic person.
This would entail a bit of investigation.

3. the www.extreme securityaccess .com scam –
We noticed that this Internet scam started but a few days ago and here is
how it works.
You enter your url’s address to your personal website.
A pop-up appears from the above asking you to enter your username and
It says that it is a Windows security alert.
As quickly as you can, press the escape key and continue on your business.
This is a scam.

4. A Rogers Communications scam –
You receive a phone call supposedly from this company asking you to provide
them with some info to help update your account.
This is a fake phone call and you know what?
When they called they provided a fake account number and the name that they
gave to us was the wrong first name but the correct last name.
Just ignore and hang up.

5. The Bell Canada refund scam –
For the second time in the last three weeks, an email supposedly from Bell
Canada is making the rounds informing you that you have a refund to collect
and it advises you to provide an account number for them to deposit your
refund into or to sign in online to do so.
As we said previously, no company would ever send out such an email.
Just ignore and delete!

6. The Scotiabank text scam –
If you think about this one you’ll probably catch it very quickly because no
bank in this world would send you a text message to let you know that your
online account has been compromised.
We got this text but we do not have an online account with this bank.

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