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Keys To Go:

On 4/16/2016 6:57 PM, Larry Lumpkin wrote:
> If you mean the Logitech keys to go, here’s the text of a review from
> applevis
> Review:
> Summary: If you want a very thin keyboard with almost full-sized keys,
> silent operation, a spill resistant covering, handy iOS-specific hotkeys
> and decent battery life,
check out the Logitech Keys-To-Go.
> Dimensions: 5.39″ by 9.53″ by 0.24″ That’s right, it’s only a quarter-inch
> thick.
> Weight: 6.35 ounces
> Battery Life: Logitech states that the battery will last for three months
> on a full charge, with approximately two hours use per day. Of course that
> is an estimate. Full
charge time is 2.5 hours and Logitech state that each minute of charging
provides approximately an hour of use.
> In USE:
> Despite it’s diminutive size, most of the keys feel full-sized or almost
> full-sized. Put it this way: I’m used to typing on a large ergonomic PC
> keyboard, and it only took
me a minute or two to get used to the Keys-To-Go. If you’re used to springy
clicky keys, it may take you awhile to get used to keys that don’t travel
nearly as far. I’m a fast
touch typist, and have no trouble going full speed on the Keys-to-Go. After
using it for awhile, the full-size PC keyboard feels strange and clunky in
> The Keys-To-Go is not waterproof, but it is definitely water resistant.
> the keyboard is covered fully by what Logitech calls FabricSkin, a
> protective textured membrane.
> Any liquid spills or crumbs can be wiped away with a damp cloth. The only
> part of this keyboard which should not get wet is the top right-hand-side
> edge, which contains the
power switch and mini-USB charging port.
> The Keys-To-Go can work with any device, but it is optimized for use with
> iOS devices. From left to right, it’s top row of 14 keys perform the
> following functions:
> 1. Home screen,
> 2. App Switcher
> 3. search,
> 4. switch keyboard language,
> 5. show/hide virtual keyboard,
> 6. take a screen shot,
> 7. previous track
> 8. play/pause,
> 9. Next track,
> 10. mute,
> 11. volume down
> 12. volume up
> 13. Bluetooth connect/pairing
> 14. battery status
> Heading left from Spacebar, the four bottom row keys are: CMD, ALT, CTRL,
> and FN.
> Right from Spacebar, CMD and ALT are duplicated.
> Other iOS shortcut keys:
> Fn + X = Cut
> Fn + C = Copy
> Fn + V = Paste
> Fn + Left cursor = Select left word by word Fn + Right cursor = Select
> right word by word
> Pairing:
> I have not had to re-pair the Keys-To-Go with my iPhone in weeks. As soon
> as you pair once by turning Bluetooth on in iOS, pressing the 2nd from the
> right key on the top row
to pair, and tapping the Keys-To-Go in the list of detected devices, you’re
done. Your iOS device should simply recognize and use Keys-To-Go as soon as
you move the power
switch to On, as long as Bluetooth is enabled in Settings of course.
> Alternate Unit:
> I first tried and returned the Logitech K480 keyboard. It was
> substancially thicker, louder, not protected by a membrane, and I couldn’t
> get it to pair with my phone.
> Price: The Keys-To-Go is about $70 US at the usual places – Apple online
> store, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy etc.
Source: > applevis

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