Apple quietly toughens rules forcing passcode unlocks of touch id

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Apple quietly toughens rules forcing passcode unlocks of touch id devices
by roger fingas
thursday, may 19, 2016

apple has silently added another condition under which an iphone or
ipad user has to unlock their device with a passcode, despite having
touch id enabled, according to a report.

ios will now ask for a passcode if it hasn’t been unlocked that way
for six days, and touch id hasn’t been used in the last eight hours,
macworld said.
a quoted apple spokesperson claimed the rule has been in place since
ios 9 was released in sept. 2015, but macworld noted this is
inconsistent with the ios security guide, which only mentioned the
change starting may 12. apple declined to offer an explanation.

the company has several such rules in place, the two most common
forcing a passcode unlock if a device is rebooted or hasn’t been
unlocked for 48 hours. others require a passcode after new fingers are
added to touch id, a person tries five unsuccessful touch id logins,
or someone issues a remote lock via find my iphone.

if the discovered rule is genuinely new, it’s not clear how or when
apple might have made the change, since ios 9.3.1 was released in
march and 9.3.2 arrived earlier this week.

regardless, the tactic is presumably a means of reinforcing the
security of apple devices. it could potentially have an impact on u.s.
law enforcement, which has already begun seeking court orders
compelling people to unlock iphones with their fingerprints

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