About the days of summer

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Contributed by Dan Thompson
About the days of summer

The Dog Days of summer traditionally
begin July 3 and end August 11, according
to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. These dates
coincide with the ancient heliacal (at
sunrise) rising of the Dog Star, Sirius.
Jay Holberg observes that the ancient Greek
poets Hesiod and Aratus refer in their
writings to “the heat of late summer that
the Greeks believed was actually brought on
by the appearance of Sirius,” a star in the
constellation that the later Romans and we
today refer to as Canis Major, literally
the “greater dog” constellation.
The highest temperature ever recorded in
the U.S. was in California’s Death Valley.
The temperature reached 134 degrees. The
hottest record on Earth took place in El
Aisisa, Libya. That temp was 136F.
It’s not just the heat. It really is the
humidity! According the Heat Index,
100 degrees F at 60 percent relative
humidity will warm the human body as much
as heat at 136 degrees F at 0 percent
humidity. When the heat index gets above
90, it’s time to take some precautions.
About 175 people die in this country every
year due to excessive heat.
Vitamin C can be used as an effective sun
screen by either ingesting it or allowing
it to diffuse in water and then applying to
the skin.
Contrary to popular belief, crime rates do
not increase during the summer.
However, the types of crimes change as the
seasons change. For example,
during the summer, bike thefts and items
stolen from cars increase.
Warmer weather does cause certain diseases
to peak during the summer, such
as Valley Fever, West Nile Lyme Disease,
and food poisoning.

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