Using knitting to help create

We are pleased to introduce to you a new monthly feature; an author’s tip from Author Donna Jodhan Author Donna Jodhan has been writing and recording her own audio mysteries since 2010 and you can now view the first two seasons of her audio mysteries along with her very special Christmas box set titled the 12 days of Christmas. These are scintillating, rivetting, and refreshing mysteries for listeners of all ages. Visit her online store at and there you will be able to: Purchase for very affordable prices, subscribe for unlimited access to her entire library, or download some free samples. You can follow Author Donna on Twitter @author_jodhan and like her on Facebook at The business desk team +++++++++++++++ March 2016 Using knitting to help create I have a very different strategy for you to try and it is all about using the skill of knitting to help you create. I took up knitting in the fall of 2014 and since then I have not looked back. True it is that knitting requires you to develop the skill of using your hands; the use of knitting needles, yarn, and combining both to create but trust me when I tell you that it sure helps me to not just create but also to relax and recharge. I can sit there for hours on end and allow my fingers to do the walking as they say. I can make whatever I choose and I can knit for as long as I want. Then as I knit, my mind wonders, my imagination wakes up, and my thoughts start to gather in groups of logical thinking. I strongly recommend knitting as a way of helping you to create. Give it a try.

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