Dynamic dreaming

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November 2015
Dynamic dreaming

There is absolutely nothing wrong in dreaming and as far as dynamic dreaming
is concerned; it is even better.

This is yet another technique that I use to help me generate thoughts and
spark my imagination. I use it as a means to stay away from the infamous
writer’s block and I use it to jump start my day as a writer and author.

What is dynamic dreaming? Here is my version. Dynamic dreaming is all
about dreaming in a big way. It is all about stretching my imagination to
its fullest and allowing it to roam freely with no bounds. It is all about
dreaming and saying to one’s self; “why not?”

So to put it into more perspective, it is all about dreaming the impossible
dream. It is all about reaching for the stars and beyond! It is all about
turning black and white into technicolor!

So why not go out there and engage in some dynamic dreaming?

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