Lighting the laughter

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The business desk team

August 2015
Lighting the laughter

This is a strategy that often works for me. The name may be a bit
misleading but this is what it is and how it works.

I use laughter to help me relax and recharge. I find ways to bring laughter
into my zone so to speak and I do this through light hearted and humorous
reading, through listening to comedy and through finding ways to just simply

You would be amazed to learn how a good old belly laugh can help you to just
relax, recharge, and this will help you to allow thoughts to flow freely
into your mind. There is nothing better than being able to laugh. To laugh
at the simple things. To laugh at one’s self. To laugh with others.

Why not give this a good old try. Just go out there and light the laugh!
Laugh with the world! Laugh with others! Laugh at yourself!

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