Triggering thoughts

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The business desk team

May 2015
Triggering thoughts

In the normal scheme of things it is our thoughts that almost always lead us
to create, design, develop, and test our inventions. Call it what you may;
inventions, creations, imaginations, products, and so on. At the end of the
day it is our thoughts that help us to scale the wall and go out there and
be free to create, design, develop, test, and complete.

If you were to follow this theory then the next step would be to ask the
logical question; how does one trigger thoughts? How does one get those
illusive thoughts to come dancing and prancing into our minds? How does one
capture these sparkling flashes and put them into action? I believe that
the first thing is to find ways to trigger them and here is my response for
what it is worth.

You can use your senses to do this. Each of your five senses can play an
important role; from the sense of hearing to the sense of smell, the sense
of sight, the sense of taste, and finally the sense of touch. No one sense
is more important than the other. For some it may be the sense of sight and
for another it may be the sense of hearing. Maybe the sight of blue skies?
Or maybe the sound of running water? Or even maybe a song, the taste of a
juicy ripe peach, the smell of baking bread, or the touch of a feather on
the back of your hand.

Nothing is written in stone so why not go out there and experiment with what
helps to trigger your thoughts?

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