Helpful tips for May 2015

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Helpful tips for May 2015

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General tips
Articles of the day
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

General tips
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Some interesting tips about what not to do in certain countries:
For Chile –
Always use your cutlery when eating.
For Korea –
You need to wait until the eldest in the family has eaten before you do the
For Russia –
Do not mix your vodka with anything else when drinking it.

Now, here is a very potent mixture to combat those persistent pest that
attack your plants!
A mixture of dish soap and cayenne pepper.
For two liters of water, add two table spoons of dish soap and one table
spoon of cayenne pepper.
Shake well and then pour into a spray bottle.
Spray the bottom of your leaves first and then the top.
The pest usually reside on the bottom of your plant’s leaves.

Ever wondered what color is the flight data recorder box also known as the
black box of an aircraft?
Well, it is orange in color!

According to DR OZ, here are some suggestions for losing weight.
Move around a lot; exercise.
Eat according to portions.
Control your stress.

One quick way to clear your sinuses?
Compose a mixture of hot water and a half teaspoon of salt.
Next go to your sink and slowly inhail this mixture just a wee bit at a time
blowing out your nose before taking the next inhail.
You would be surprised to know how well this works.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

Contributed by Gaston Bedard

10 Websites that Can Improve Your Digital Literacy

For Dummies

10 Websites that Can Improve Your Digital Literacy

By Faithe Wempen from Digital Literacy For Dummies

Here is a selection of ten great websites you should be familiar with to be
literate about the Internet. By visiting these websites, you can get support
your computer, look up interesting facts, be exposed to new ideas, and more.

Microsoft Support.
Start here if you need help with any Microsoft product, including Windows,
Internet Explorer, Office, Surface Xbox, Skype, or Windows
Phone. There are self-help articles, online expert forums, training
and lots more types of interesting content.

As a wiki (a public collaborative encyclopedia), its information is not
considered authoritative, so you probably won’t be able to cite it in
academic papers, but, wow, can you learn a lot here informally.

This giant online encyclopedia will fill you in on the basics of just
about any topic, in clear, easily understood language.

CNET is a huge computer-focused site with many sections, each one of which
would make a notice-worthy website.

The Downloads section has links for downloading hundreds of thousands of
shareware, freeware, and trial applications, and the Reviews section
unbiased reviews of new hardware components, software, computers, and
mobile devices.

The Video section contains how-to videos, and the News section will keep
you up to date on the latest technology news.

Open Yale.
A free education? Yes! Open Yale is a website sponsored by Yale
University that provides access to free online courses taught by some of
the world’s best professors. No registration is required.

This site doesn’t offer degrees, but it does offer a very high quality
education, with courses comparable to actual courses at top universities.

PC Magazine.
PC Magazine has been a leading print magazine for computer enthusiasts for
decades. Its companion website contains detailed reviews of
all types of computer and electronic components, as well as how-to
computer industry news, and price comparison information.

How Stuff Works.
If you have ever wondered how a certain technology works, or how something
is made, you’re sure to find the answer here. Start reading in
the Tech section, or browse some of the non-computer areas to broaden your

Ted Talks.
Ted talks are free inspiring and educational videos on a huge variety of
subjects. Each video is fairly short (about five minutes), so you
can sample many different bits of knowledge in a single afternoon.

Google News.
There are many news aggregator sites, but Google News is among the easiest
to use and customize. It shows a constantly changing array of
headlines in a variety of categories.

Best of all, you can customize the news page to see only the types of news
that interest you. You can create a category that shows the latest news
your hometown, for example, or that contain a certain keyword in the

Internet Movie Database.
The Internet Movie Database, or IMDB, is the ultimate dinner table
argument-settler over what actor was in in that movie about that
girl and that guy.

Internet Movie Database is a huge searchable repository of information
about nearly every movie ever made, including the cast, plot summary,
bloopers, and links to sites where the movie is for sale, either on DVD or
for download.

Project Gutenberg.
When the copyright on a book expires, the book becomes public domain, and
sites such as Project Gutenberg can offer the text for free to anyone who
wants it.

On this site, you can download the text of millions of full-length books
that are out of copyright, including most of the books that teachers assign
required reading in high school and college classes literature classes.
Many of the books are also available in Kindle and other e-book formats.


From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

A memorable train ride

I still remember that very memorable train ride from Toronto to Montreal.
Boy was I so excited and at that time I had enough vision to see outside as
the train rocked gently on its way to La Belle Province.

I was simply awe struck to see so many things. The blooming trees and the
melting snow banks. The green grass peeking out, and houses, people, and
roads. It was all like a moving screen to me and I could not take my eyes
off of it all.

I first paid attention to a train ride when I took the time to watch as
Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s train traveled from Ottawa to Montreal during his
funeral procession. I was simply mesmerized and I told myself that I would
some day travel that same route and I did it soon after this. I was not

I can still remember the collage of colors as the train went by. Various
shades of green to represent the blooming trees in the background with
splashes of sunshine shining through. Blobs of white to represent the snow
banks. Varying shades of brown to represent the roads and dirt tracks and
on it went.

Any keen observer looking at me would probably have wondered why I was so
taken in by what lay outside of the train’s window but I did not really care
what anyone thought on that memorable day. Just a lady with some vision
appreciating all that went by on that day.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.
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