Who is our highway robber of the week?

Written on Nov 28 2014
Who is our highway robber of the week?

Today I would like to share a story with you and I am hoping that someone
reading this can help me to understand. They often say that perception is
frequently reality but in this instance I am going to leave it up to you to
be the judge.

Last month my 4S iPhone decided to stop working in that its wireless
capability decided to bite the dust. This meant that I had to negotiate
with Rogers Communications for not just an upgrade to my iPhone but also for
a new contract. At that time I still had a little over a year on my
contract and after much negotiation with Rogers I was offered a new contract
but I had to break the existing one. All well and good but after the
negotiations were completed and after I received my new iPhone 5C the
financial cost to me amounted to over $355. It was my decision to stay with
Rogers Communications because I did not want the trouble of switching to a
new provider.

Yesterday I phoned Rogers to ask them to unlock my old 4S iPhone and I
almost fell over when they told me that it would cost me $50 for them to do
so. I was at a loss to understand why I had to pay for them to unlock my
old phone and when I asked them why they told me that this was the process.
When I pushed them for a further explanation, they simply stayed silent
refusing to answer my questions.

Now here is where I am totally lost. I paid to break my existing contract.
I entered into a new contract and now that I want to have my old iPhone
unlocked I am told that I have to pay $50 in order to have it done. What
does this mean? Why is Rogers doing this? Could it be that they are using
this as a means to force those of us who wish to have our old phones
unlocked stay with them? That is, after we have paid this hefty fee to them
to have our phones unlocked we cannot use it with a new provider?

Could it be that Rogers is simply trying to grab more revenue or should I
say ensure that they get as much revenue as they can anywhere and in every
way that they can? Did I not hear on the news recently that customers will
now be able to break their contracts before they expire without any penalty
to be incurred?

Questions, questions and here is another one from me! Could it be perceived
that Rogers is simply throwing its corporate weight around and would do
anything to grab as much revenue as they can for as long as they can get
away with it? Are they the only ones doing this to their customers?
Highway robbers you say? Or maybe just another corporation taking advantage
of the present conditions?

As I said at the beginning of my editorial, I hope that someone can help me
to better understand what is going on here. Maybe Rogers is justified in
its actions but then again: I am a bit lost to understand why I should be
charged $50 to have them unlock a phone that is now fully mine as I have now
paid for it in full and in addition; I have renewed my contract with them
for another three years. It never hurts for there to be a bit of give and
take but in this case I submit that Rogers is taking advantage and doing its
best to ensure that it does not lose when in fact they should be showing a
bit more of good will towards its customers and especially one such as I who
has been a loyal one since 2008..

If this is somehow the accepted behaviour of this industry then I for one am
disappointed and I wholly submit that Rogers ought to be ashamed of such
conduct but if on the other hand I am wrong and someone could shed some
light on this then I am more than willing to eat some humble pie!

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