The faltering customer service

The faltering customer service
By Donna J. Jodhan

Correct me if I am wrong but it appears that a marked slide in customer
service seems to be taking place. There used to be a time when customer
service reps and call takers knew or were very familiar with the products
and services they sold. That is, they knew exactly what their company was
selling, for how much, and the variables that made up the packages that they
were selling. Sadly enough, this does not seem to be the case any longer.

You phone a company like Pizza Pizza or KFC and you ask for one thing and
you often get something else. Too often, call takers somehow seem to forget
that they either no longer sell a certain item that has been advertised on
their menu or they somehow forget to let you know that only 1 can of pop
comes with your delivery. Then when you phone customer service to complain
you are met with less than enthusiastic customer service agents who are
really not too willing to help you.

This was the case in a recent experience that I encountered with KFC. The
agent simply told me to phone the store and did not even give me the time of
day. I will hasten to add however, that there are still a few companies
that do adhere to good customer service and one such company is Swiss

Maybe I should be saying that it may depend on the time of day, the agent in
question, or something else; but this is not acceptable. You pay your money
and you expect to receive what you pay for. Nothing less is acceptable nor
should this type of service be tolerated by any sort of paying public. In
addition, we the consumer should not be made to have to endure less than
stellar customer service from those customer service reps and call takers
who struggle to communicate in spoken English. For after all, if I as a
consumer phone a company and my first language is English I expect that the
person taking my call to be able to converse with me in a fluent manner and
if they are unable to do so then they should find a colleague who can.

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