An author’s tip from Author Donna Jodhan December 2014

We are pleased to introduce to you a new monthly feature;
an author’s tip from Author Donna Jodhan
Author Donna Jodhan has been writing and recording her own audio mysteries
since 2010 and
you can now view the first two seasons of her audio mysteries and now
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Christmas. These are scintillating, rivetting, and refreshing mysteries for
listeners of all ages.
Visit her online store at and there
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The business desk team

December 2014
Time of year

I always find that the time of the year is another way to spark one’s
imagination and motivation. Especially so at this particular time of the
year; at Christmas time.

I have to admit that December is usually the time when I get a lot of my
inspiration. Not just to write Christmas stories but almost anything else
as well. This particular time of the year often puts me in the mood to
think, create, and write. I am not sure why; it could be any reason.
Anything from the spreading of joy and good cheer to wanting to share.
Whatever it is, I do think that many of us could use this time of the year
to increase our writing.

A very Merry Christmas to you!

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