The problem at Pizza Pizza

The problem at Pizza Pizza
By Donna J. Jodhan

I would readily agree that Pizza Pizza sells quality products but for me;
this is the problem. For whereas I understand that many companies choose to
base their call centers outside of North America proffering the excuse that
it is more cost effective to do so, a huge problem arises when many of the
call takers do not speak English as their first language. This is the
problem in the case of Pizza Pizza!

This is not a new problem. This has been going on now for several years and
I along with many others can only sit and grind and bear it. We are often
at the mercy of call takers who do not understand English enough to be able
to take an accurate order. You ask for one thing and they send something
else. Or you ask for something and they somehow fail to tell you that what
you are requesting is no longer being offered by the company and when your
order is delivered then guess what! You either end up with something that
you did not order or your order is missing something.

You may be saying that indeed! This is probably the case with those
companies whose call takers speak English as their first language and you
may be right but here is the picture. More often than not, you have to
repeat yourself multiple times before these call takers who are based in
India can fully understand what you require. The phone reception between
the North American consumer and the call taker in India is often extremely
fuzzy and then! They do not understand the spoken language of English very
well so how can we expect them to provide us with acceptable service?

Indeed! North American companies would tell you that they are saving costs
but can this not be looked upon as a cost savings at the expense of
acceptable service to North American consumers?

I am having more than just a bit of difficulty with this equation. On one
side, we have North American companies claiming cost cutting measures as a
reason for basing their call taking centers outside of North America and in
countries where English is not the first language of these call takers, and
in addition, it is cheaper to pay these workers. Then on the other side of
the equation we have North American consumers whose first language is
English, and many North Americans; retirees, those seeking side line jobs,
and those with disabilities looking for opportunities to bolster their

What can we do to solve this equation? How can we find the right logic to
justify such an equation? Questions, questions and I hope that someone has
an answer.

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