Helpful tips for August 2014

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Helpful tips for August 2014

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From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

General tips
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So how about some of the benefits of eating pumpkin seeds?
Well, it is said that the eating of pumpkin seeds helps to reduce
cholesterol, reduce stress, reduce diabetes, and strengthen your bones.

What’s one of the best ways to preserve fruits and vegetables?
Through freezing and in this way one can retain the most nutrition for them.

What’s this about the benefits of eating shrimps?
They are high in protein and low in fat!

What’s meant by the dog days of summer?
These are usually the hottest days of summer starting in July and ending in

There is a new security rule being implemented by the Brits:
Before leaving for the airport, make sure that all of the electronic devices
that you pack in your carry-on are fully charged or at least some what
Failure to do this could mean that your device stands to be taken away by
You would have the option to either pick them up upon your return
or have them forwarded to an address.

Some very important tips on certain fruits:
Raspberries Of all the berries, raspberries have the most fiber to keep you
feeling full. one ‘cup’ gives you 8 grams and has only about 65 calories.
Plums There are more than 200 varieties, but buy the dark purple or red ones
and eat the skin, which has high concentrations of antioxidants to combat
Sweet Cherries One ‘cup’ provides about 300 mg of potassium, which helps
regulate your blood pressure, plus a big dose of antioxidants.
Strawberries They can boost your immune system: Just one ‘cup’ will give you
your entire daily requirement of vitamin C.
Strawberries might also help control type 2 diabetes and prevent heart
Peaches Peaches and other stone fruits have compounds that can reduce
obesity and inflammation. They may even help fight breast cancer.
Tart Cherries Packed with antioxidants, these may decrease your risk of
heart disease and stroke and ease arthritis symptoms. They’re linked to
better sleep and muscle recovery after exercise.
Blueberries They get their deep color from anthocyanins, which protect your
heart and can improve memory and reduce urinary-tract infections.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

How to Restore Files from the Last Windows 7 Backup

By Dan Gookin
from Troubleshooting Your PC For Dummies, 3rd Edition

The beauty of having a backup set of files is that you can recover a file,
one that’s long lost or destroyed or just a previous version of something
you once had.
You can perform the following steps to restore a file from a backup set:

Open the Control Panel.

Choose Back Up Your Computer
(beneath the System and Security heading).

Click the button Restore My Files.

Add files and folders to be recovered.

You can use three buttons on the right side of the screen to add files to
the list:
button one:
Click the Search button to summon the Search for Files to Restore window,
where you can hunt down the files you want to restore.

button 2:
Browse for File:
Click this button to choose individual files to restore.

button 3:
Browse for Folders:
Click this button to restore an entire folder – and all files and folders in
that folder.

After choosing a button,
you see another dialog box from which you choose the files. The dialog box
lists files on the backup, not on your computer.

Choose your user account from the list of folders on the left side of the
window to locate your personal files and folders.
Then browse the folders to find the files or folders you’re looking for.

Keep adding the files you want to restore;
repeat Step 5 and keep clicking the buttons to collect all the files and
folders you want to restore.

Click the Next button.

You need to choose where to restore files.
You have two options:

option one..
In the original location: The files and folders you selected are placed back
on the hard drive in the same folder where Backup found them.

option 2.
In the following location:
You get to select in which folder to place the restored files.
This option is best for recovering an older version of a file where you
don’t want to overwrite the current version.

Click the Restore button.

The files are restored.

Click the Finish button.

Close the Backup window.

The only kink in the hose happens when you attempt to restore a backed-up
file and the same file still exists on the hard drive.
A warning message appears.

You have three options:

Copy and Replace:
The backup file replaces the existing file.
This option is most likely the one you want, unless you want to keep both
versions of the file. In that case, choose the option Copy and Keep Both

Don’t Copy:
The file isn’t restored. Choosing this option basically undoes the restore
operation for that lone file.

Copy, but Keep Both Files:
The file is restored but given a new name.
Both files exist in the same folder: the current one and the restored copy
with a number in parentheses after its name.

If you have any doubt, please choose the option Don’t Copy. You can always
try to restore the file later, but you don’t want to lose something
You can also start the restore operation in the Backup and Restore Center
window by clicking the Restore Files button.

The files you restore aren’t removed from the backup set. If the need
arises, you can restore them again.

Recovering a deleted file from the Recycle Bin is easier than recovering a
file from a backup.

From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
At conferences on my own

There used to be a time when I absolutely dreaded going to conferences on my
own. I felt so alone as I struggled to do such things as carry my luggage
upon arrival at the hotel, find my room, familiarize myself with my room,
and then go out there and make friends.

I used to really be uncomfortable going down to breakfast on my own or doing
the same at dinner time but alas! Time has been good to me and with a bit
of practice, motivating myself, and learning how to ask; things have
improved greatly for me. The trick for me is to always make sure that I get
to know the staff at the reception desk and to familiarize them with my
circumstance. That is, to let them know that as a Blind person there are
things that I would need help with.

So I make friends with them and then the rest for me becomes easier. My
experience is that once you ask for help then help is there. Tell a staff
member at the desk that you need help with navigating the remote for their
television and help is rendered. Ask them to show you where the dining room
is and they are always willing to be of service. Ask them to show you where
the swimming pool is and bingo! They are only too willing to be of

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