Antivirus is dead

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Antivirus is dead
repairing a broken ceiling fan and saving money on your AC bill this summer
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A Dan Thompson contribution

Today’s tip has two sections.

First deals with fixing a pull chain on a Ceiling fan.

This section gives two methods to accomplish this task. As a totally blind
adult, I was able to fix my Ceiling fan without calling in an expensive
electrition or sighted assistance.

The second section gives some suggestions for saving cash on your air
conditioning bill this summer.


The start of each section is marked with an asterisk.

*I. Your ceiling fan has a broken light pull chain. How do you fix this
fast and easy?

There are pictures showing the process at the link below for those needing
visual guidance.

Ceiling fans with lights have a pull chain to turn the fan or the lights on
or off. These pull chains get pulled on daily and can be broken. If you pull
too hard on the pull chain the chain can break or come out of its socket.
Also, the light switch itself may wear out or fail. If this happens the
lights will not turn on. We will show you the easiest way to fix either of
these problems below. Since you are working on your ceiling fan, find out
the best ceiling fan direction
for Summer or Winter.

Below are 2 different scenarios, one is a broken pull chain and one is a bad

method one of repair for fixing broken pull chain

Always turn off power before taking apart a ceiling fan or light switch.

To replace the fan light switch pull chain:

1. The switch housing needs to be removed.

2. Unscrew the screws holding the lighting assembly to the fan.

3. You should now see the light switch and where the pull chain has broken.

4. Unscrew the pull chain assembly from the switch.

5. If needed take the pull chain to your nearest hardware store and match
it up with a new one.

6. The new pull chain can be installed by screwing it on as the old one was
taken off.

7. Put everything back together and test the pull chain.

Method two of repairing a broken pull chain. This method involves an
Internal on/off switch for a ceiling fan light

Again one can see a picture of how this done at the link below.

To fix and replace a bad on/off light switch inside the ceiling fan:

1. Remove the light fixture housing from the fan.

2. Unscrew the screws where the light fixture attaches to the fan assembly.

3. The small switch where the pull chain attaches should now be visible.

4. Remove the old switch.

5. If needed take it to your local hardware store and match it with a new

6. Install the new switch with the pull chain through the housing and
tighten the connection.

Both of these repair methods are common solutions to fix pull chains and
pull chain switches. Most people can fix this within 30 minutes with just
the basic tools on hand.

Read more:

*II. Concerning saving money on your A/C bill, here is one very simple
trick that costs nothing that most people forget to do. If you have many
rooms in your house that are unoccupied, then it is a good idea to restrict
the air conditioner vent going into that room. The picture at the link below
shows where the lever is located on your home air conditioning air vent.

By sliding the lever a small amount, you will restrict the flow of the air
into that particular room. When doing this the A/C unit will still pump air
throughout your home but it will reduce the amount of cold air going into
that room. Lets say you have a den and a sewing room that is hardly
occupied. Those rooms could have the ac vents closed off to about 10% while
this will keep the room cool it won’t keep it cold like the rest of your
house. By doing this the living room and bedrooms will be cooler and the ac
unit will not have to run for longer than it has to therefore reducing your
air conditioning bill.

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