YouTube Videos Stopped Working

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YouTube Videos Stopped Working

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A Dan Thompson contribution

Good moring everyone, Yay, in this area it will be much wormer. hOwever,
lots of rain which I know will be needed but prevents me from really
enjoying the spring weather. Anyway, I have had two questions regarding
YouTube videos not playing. So here is an posting that will hopefully help
others if running into the same situation.

YouTube Videos Stopped Working

By Dan Thompson November 20 2014

1. verify your sound card is working and see if a video on your computer
will play the audio, or go to another site with videos and see if sound

if you have sound in other videos not on YouTube your sound card is working.

2. Check the sound setting on YouTube:

a. Go to Youtube and start a video playing.

b. There should be a mute/unmute button. Click it and if sounds starts,
you are in business. Sometimes I have seen individuals need to slide the
volume up after clicking the mute button.

If using a keyboard for the action:

Press control plus f and type in the word “mute”,, without quotes followed
by tapping enter.

The cursor should land on the mute button. Hit the spacebar. Trid arrowing
up if the sound is very low.

3. If number two did not work, try this.

a. Start a video playing on YouTube.

b. There should be a play or “large player” button. Just below or beside
this button is a “settings button.

Click on the settings button.

c. Check the volume slider here and mute button.

If you are using a keyboard:

a. Access YouTube and locate a video. Press enter on it and it will be
playing even though you can not hear sound.

b. Press control plus the letter f or whatever keystorke y our
screenreader requires for entering find.

c. Type in the word “settings” without quotes and hit enter.

The cursor is placed on the settings button.

d. Press the spacebar.

e. There is a mute button and a slider hedre. Tab across and locate the
slider control. The press the up arrow several times or page up.

f. Then locate the mute button and hit the spacebar. If locating the
controls mentioned, the video may have stopped. You will need to restart it
again. It is necessary for a video to be playing.

4. Your sound may be turned off on your computer, or on the actual YouTube
video. Go to your computer controls and click on the speaker to see if there
is an X which would mean you have muted your volume. Click the x to unlock
your speaker sound. Your YouTube video player also has a speaker below the
video, click on the x if it is showing to unlock the sound on your YouTube

5. clear your “Cookies”, “History”
and “Temporary Internet Files”, thus making your computer
“fresh” in YouTube’s eyes. My infamous “CHTIF” triple-cure

This is done by:

a. Open internet explorer.

b. Click on tools.

c. Click on “folder options.”

d. Make sure you are in the “general property sheet.”

e. There is a checkbox here that says “delete browsing history on exit.”
It is unchecked by default. I have mine checked. This keeps cookies off
your computer.

f. The next item in this property sheet is a “delete button.” Click on this

g. After making your choices here, click on the delete button.h. Click on

i. Give Internet a moment to complete the deletions.

j. Close internet explorer and reopen it to make the changes stay.

6. Download the latest Adobe Flash player. Go to… to see if you have the latest
version of Flash installed on your computer. If you do not have the newest
Adobe Flash, that may be the solution.

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