Random Keyboard Shortcuts

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Random Keyboard Shortcuts
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A Dan Thompson contribution

Random Keyboard Shortcuts

by cvangerven

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The other day, my finger slipped while getting ready to spell check a
document in Word (F7), and instead of finding that I had misspelled
“reccomend” again… I found that I was selecting text, without having to
hold my shift key. “Clever boots.” I thought to myself, and did a bit of
research to figure out if I could do it again. I could, and even better,
that’s not the only trick F8 has up its sleeve. Just in case any of you
would be as excited as I was to discover this, allow me to list the

. Press F8 then use the arrows to select

. Press F8 twice and select a word

. Press F8 three times and select a sentence

. Press F8 four times and select a paragraph

. Press F8 five times and select the document

. Note: Shift F8 reduces the selection

. ESC turns it off

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