15 Brilliant Websites That Will Inspire And Change Your Life

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15 Brilliant Websites That Will Inspire And Change Your Life
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15 Brilliant Websites That Will Inspire And Change Your Life

15 Brilliant Websites That Will
Inspire And Change Your Life


by Chris Ellis

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I have to say that I love living in the world as it is today. Even with all
its warts, it’s still pretty great. The main reason I love it is that
information about anything is right at your fingertips via the internet.
There are millions of people putting out life-changing information because
it is their passion, and it’s all available at the click of a button.

One of the drawbacks of this age, though, is that sometimes there is too
much information and you have to rely on friends to help you weed out the
good from the bad or useless. And that is why I am taking to my keyboard

Here are 15 websites to change your life and get you inspired and motivated:

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1. GCF LearnFree


I have put this one first because there’s still a huge number of people who
have no computer knowledge and don’t know how to get started in the new
computer-based world. While it is ironic that you need a computer to access
this site, if you have a relative or friend who needs to become computer
literate, this is a great site that you can use to help them get started.

It has simple tutorials about computer basics, along with videos. It is
straightforward and easy to use. Your friend or relative can get started
right away and be up and running in no time.

2. Duolingo


I love this site! It’s a language learning site that first tests you to see
where your weaknesses are and then gives you lessons based on the results of
your tests so that you don’t waste your time. You can learn English,
Spanish, Italian and more! It is set up as a series of little games and it
is very addictive! The format is very user and learner friendly. I am
finding myself spending more and more time playing on it and my Italian
skills are getting so much better. Try it out! If you love games you will
love learning with Duolingo.com.

3. Fierce Gentleman


10 Qualities That Make You a Fierce Gentleman – Fierce Gentleman

As soon as I read the term “Fierce Gentleman” I had to check out this site,
and I love it! Gentlemanly qualities as we knew them seem to have become a
bit rare these days. I believe it’s because of the changes we have
experienced and the rapid morphing of cultures: it can make your head spin!
We needed a new definition for the term “Gentleman.” In his articles, Andrew
Long lays out what it takes to be a Fierce Gentleman and even some advice
for Fierce Ladies. Fortunately, the qualities that Andrew advocates are
qualities that gentlemen have had in days past and they can be brought
forward to live again in this day and age.

In this confusing time of mixed messages about what is cool or good or
ethical, Mr. Long lays out just what is needed for you to keep your
integrity and be extremely cool at the same time.

4. The Invisible Mentor


Avil Beckford writes for The Invisible Mentor. Each month she spends
hundreds of hours of researching and reading in order to bring us the most
useful and enlightening information from older and perhaps forgotten writers
whose works are still vital today.

What I love about Avil is that she has the idea that learning and
information are not to be reserved for only those who go to school but
should be made available for everyone. She also reminds us that those who
are the most successful in their fields are the ones who ceaselessly go on
learning with a thirsty vengeance.

Her ideas on learning, I believe, are the wave of the future. Antiquated
systems of learning are being replaced by methods that teach people to think
and develop judgment rather than memorize by rote. This depends on being
able to read a lot and assimilate information.

On her site you will find articles, great quotes, pieces of advice and all
kinds of useful information.

5. Dumb Little Man


Jay White writes for this blog and his purpose is to gather up and present
information that makes your life a bit easier. His blog is a mix of great
information and tips communicated in an informal and friendly way, which
makes it seem like you are sitting with an old friend talking about life.

You will find information here about money, relationships, being happy and
other related topics. Dumb Little Man is one of my favorite places to stop
by for a cup of tea and a few wise words from friends.

6. Michelle Chappel


Michelle Millis Chappel is a Renaissance woman. Initially she studied and
received her PhD in Psychology, but then left academia to follow her dream
of being a singer-songwriter-producer. She is also a noted motivational
speaker and tireless volunteer. Her blog is a delightful mix of childlike
enthusiasm and good friendly advice delivered with compassion and
understanding. Her purpose in life is to help you find your true passion and
calling and then help you achieve it.

7. Fathom


Fathom is a travel website on steroids! I love it. Just looking at the first
page fills you with the excitement you feel when you are packing for a trip
somewhere you’ve always wanted to go!

I’m an avid traveler and I believe that travel and communication with other
countries and cultures is our saving grace in a world gone violent. How can
we be OK with bombing villages when we know the people who live there?

Reading through the articles on Fathom will start you dreaming, then acting,
then packing! In the meantime you can take mini mental vacations anywhere on
the globe just by clicking over to this site.

8. Entrepreneur


If you have ever dreamed of starting your own business or franchise, this is
the one-stop shop for you. On this site they have articles and advice on
every aspect of starting or running a business, from hiring your first
employee to how to smartly lease business equipment.

If you are unsure where to start on Entrepreneur.com, check out the tab
entitled “Answers” and it will give you some ideas.

Have fun and get started on your new venture!

9. Jamie ‘s Home Cooking Skills


My favorite chef EVER, Jamie Oliver, has developed a website devoted to
educating everyone about the joys and necessities of learning to cook. Jamie
has recognized that poor food supply and lack of food education has had a
dramatic effect on the health of entire populations and he is on a campaign
to put food education into schools.

He has now developed this website that gives you valuable basic information
about how to cook. He has created videos and recipes that are easy and
accessible and yet tasty and nutritious. Everyone should have rudimentary
cooking skills and know how to prepare delicious food.

My view on life is this: We only have a certain number of meals available to
us in our lives. We had better make them all good! Jamie’s site will give
you the training you need to really up your standard of living by allowing
you to have delicious food for every meal simply because you can create it

10. Rational Optimist


This blog, written by Matt Ridley, is described as, “A counterblast to the
prevailing pessimism of our age, and proves, however much we like to think
to the contrary, that things are getting better.”

In his blog, Matt gives real life solutions for the problems of the world.
Many of these are available now if we just access them. This blog is as
interesting as it is practical.

11. App Treasure Hunter


App Treasure Hunter is a site dedicated to finding and testing out
educational apps. It has been developed by a handful of parents and
educators with a passion for great education applications. App Treasure
Hunter gives you in-depth reviews performed by educational experts and
practical advice for handling and educating your children. The pros at App
Treasure Hunter save you a ton of work. The site is fun and interesting to

12. The History Blog


I love this site because it is so darned interesting! You can go there while
waiting in line at the Starbucks, or while in your doctor’s office. History
is such a fascinating subject and this blog provides you with history, art,
culture and photos, along with their wider historical context. Learning
history gives you instant experience for living today’s life. The history
here is not delivered in dry and boring prose. As the writer states on his
homepage: “My name is Livius. I shall endeavor not to suck. That is all.” I
can tell you that he has fulfilled his promise and doesn’t suck, not even a
little bit.

13. Brainy Quote


I love this site and have used it for finding quotes for my blogs. This site
compiles and publishes quotes from really smart people and there is always
something there that pertains to your specific situation. Go there to find
some helpful tips or just browse. It is entertaining and insightful!

14. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha: Wisdom Quotes, Letting Go, Letting Happiness In


One thing I love about each new website is that each one has a specific
feeling associated with it. Tiny Buddha, as you can imagine, has a sweet and
compassionate feel to it. There are great blog posts as well as a forum
where you can get help from others. I have browsed the forum and helped a
few people. I even made a great new friend on the other side of the world.

15. A Beautiful Mess


This is a charming and fun-packed website. I love it because it gives you
amazing recipes, beautiful photos, great projects and has a really fun feel
to it. You could spend hours poking around and come away with ideas that
will keep you busy for days. Check in on Elsie and Emma and get a glimpse
into their lives. They are adorable!

Now that we are entering a new year with exciting new possibilities, I am
hoping that these will prove to be websites to change your life and provide
you with ideas and assistance finding your dreams!

Lets face it, feeling motivated is perhaps one of the most difficult things
you could ever do.

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