How to Get Navigation Directions (Even Offline) Without Buying a GPS

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How to Get Navigation Directions (Even Offline)
Without Buying a GPS
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How to Get Navigation Directions (Even Offline)
Without Buying a GPS

Dedicated GPS devices are going the way of the dodo, and for good reason.
That smartphone or tablet you have can be a capable GPS with turn-by-turn
navigation. This works even if you don’t have a data connection.

Find a way to mount your smartphone or tablet in your car and it can even
make a capable in-car GPS solution. This is illegal in some jurisdictions,
so check your local laws before mounting anything.

**If You Have Mobile Data.

Using a smartphone or tablet as a GPS is very easy if you have mobile data.
Google Maps, Apple Maps, and even Nokia’s HERE Maps are capable map apps
with turn-by-turn navigation directions. If you have data access, these
solutions are better than a dedicated GPS device in many ways. You get a
more user-friendly interface, up-to-date search results from the web, links
to open websites in your browsers, and real-time traffic data. Some services
will even route you around bad traffic on the fly.

On Android, use the Google Maps app to search for directions to your
destination. Tap the Start navigation button and you’ll be taken to a GPS
navigation-style experience with spoken, turn-by-turn directions.

On an iPhone or iPad, you can also install the Google Maps app and use it in
a similar way. You can also use the Apple Maps app included with your
device. Tap Directions in Apple Maps to get directions to a location, tap
the Route option to view the route, and tap Start. Apple Maps will display
turn-by-turn directions.

Windows Phone users can use Nokia’s HERE Maps to get turn-by-turn directions
in a similar way.

**Offline Turn-By-Turn Navigation

This all works great if you’re paying for mobile data, but you can use your
device as a GPS navigation solution even if you don’t have mobile data

Dedicated GPS devices include a
receiver and an offline map database they can use to display your location,
provide directions, and allow you to search for locations. Your modern
smartphone or tablet also has a GPS chip so it can determine its location
offline – all you need is an app that will provide offline map data and
navigation directions.

Google Maps allows you to download map data and view it offline. To do so,
zoom to the area you want to cache in Google Maps and type “OK maps” into
the search box. You can then open Google Maps and see where you are on the
map – the map will work fine even when you’re offline. Unfortunately, Google
Maps doesn’t provide a way to get navigation directions offline. You can
search for navigation directions before you leave Wi-Fi and continue using
the cached navigation directions to get to your destination, but that’s it.

If you’re looking for a free offline GPS navigation app for Android , try


Navfree. found here:

If you’d like something more full-featured and polished, you may want to buy
a paid app like
Sygic found

or one of the many other offline navigation apps in Google Play. Sure, they
cost money – but they’re cheaper than buying a dedicated GPS device and
having to pay for map updates.

On iPhone or iPad, you can use Google Maps to save offline map data in the
same way, but it still won’t provide offline navigation. Apple Maps doesn’t
provide offline navigation instructions, either. You’ll find a variety of
offline navigation apps in the app store, like the


CoPilot GPS.

On Windows Phone, Nokia’s HERE Maps allows you to cache maps for offline use
and even get navigation directions offline.


Note that you can’t use an iPod Touch as an offline GPS device. Apple’s iPod
Touch doesn’t include GPS hardware, so it can’t use GPS to figure out where
it is.

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