About Google Voice

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About Google Voice
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A Dan Thompson contribution

About Google voice

After May 15 this year Google voice will disable XMPP access to it services.
This will affect

many third-party apps which use it, but not all of them. Currently the best
app that I know of to work

with Google voice is called GV connect. They do have their own app for the
service, but I do think it is

flaky at best. The biggest change for Google voice users is for those that
use apps like talk atone or the

OB talk phone bridge boxes to have free home phone service without paying
for it. However there is a

solution for those types of users that cost $35 per year for unlimited
incoming calls and 300 minutes

about going calls. There is also another one which is costing $60 a year
which includes unlimited

incoming and outgoing calls. They will even set up your Google voice number
as the outgoing caller ID so

if a lot of people have that number they won’t have to worry about learning
a new number for you. As

for using the Google voice number for things like text messaging and other
things, Google voice will

migrated into their hangouts platform which is currently not very voice over
friendly. I do not know if

This will still continue to work correctly on the website.

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