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A Dan Thompson contribution

Several members have asked about accessible cellphones, especially plans
using an IPhone with less costs.

After much research, I put together the information below. Links are
provided for further independent exploration.

Here is a list of the major sections.

I. Accessible Phones: A Premier Cell Phone Resource for the Blind and
Visually Impaired

II. TALKS For Verizon Wireless Offers Mobile Accessibility To Blind And
Visually Impaired Customers

III. Articles written by AFB’S Authors of the Access World Technology

About Access CellPhone Technology for 2013.

IV. iPhone Now at Straight Talk Wireless

I hope this collection is helpful to those in a quandary about choosing a

The start of each section is marked with aa * (asterisk.) Readers can use
their word processor’s find/replace feature for quick navigation between

Below starts the main content.

*I. Accessible Phones: A Premier Cell Phone Resource for the Blind and
Visually Impaired

1. Introduction:

Accessible Phones is a premier resource for information on cellular phones
which are fully or somewhat accessible to the blind, visually impaired, or
print-disabled. Some phones include built-in accessibility features while
others work with specialized software which makes the phone talk.

You can browse our database by phone feature, manufacturer, wireless carrier
or supported software. We list a wide variety of specifications and features
on each phone as well as useful resources. We also link to online stores
which offer these phones and software.

In addition, you can find the best deals on phones and accessories using our
phone store.

If you have an idea for how to improve this free service, please send us a
note. We will be updating this site with new phones and more resources in
the coming months.

We do our best to present accurate information on this site, but errors may
occur from time to time. Please contact us with any corrections or
suggestions. By visiting the link below and completing the form.

Below the link to this form found next is a brief makeup of the form you
will fill out with your comments.

2. Directions on how to use the comments form.

Note: This is only a layout of the form and not the actual form. You must
visit the link above to leave comments.

1. Visit the link shown on the next line.

2. If using a screenreader, press the letter h once.

The cursor is placed on a heading entitled ” Accessible Phones: Contact Us.”

4. Arrowing down will reveal the following few lines the site provides
explaing the form.

Please use this form to send us a note.

Be sure to leave your Email address if you would like a reply. We’ll send
you a message as soon as possible.

5. Arrow down once after the lines encountered above and the cursor comes
to “name. Below each item to input is the actual edit field to use for
entering your information. So

After the edit field for entering a message is a “send mail” button.

now I will List the form as it appears.



Your email:


Write your message below

Editbutton: send mail

3. Links found on Accessible Phones: A Premier Cell Phone Resource for the
Blind and Visually Impaired

Home page include:

When visiting each of the links shown below with a screenreader, press the
letter h once. This will move directly to a heading at the start of a list
of carriers, manufactures etc.


On this page you will be able to Select a wireless provider to view more
information and a list of supported phones we have in our database.


On this page you are able to Select a manufacturer to view company
information and a list of phones we have in our database.


A wide variety of software programs are available which can make a phone
speak or magnify the screen. Select a program to learn more information and
see a list of supported phones in our database.

Check out A T Guys for great prices on screen
readers for your phone found at the link below.

Phone store

Here you are brought to the Phone Store where you can find phones and
accessories from leading merchants.

If you have a question about a product you find here, please write the store
directly using the comments form mentioned above. The link to this form is
entered again here so you don’t need to move back to find it.

There is a “search for” edit fieled one can reach by pressing the letter f
once when first accessing this page.


On this page, you’ll find links to many of the online retailers which offer
phones, both with and without service contracts.

Contact us

The last two links aren’t of any interest to the main reason why you are
visiting this site. So there are no URL’S shown.


Privacy policy

*II. TALKS For Verizon Wireless Offers Mobile Accessibility To Blind And
Visually Impaired Customers

HomePage URL:

1. Contact Us:

When visiting the “contact us” URL above. You are taken to a page with the
heading of

” Set Your Location.”

a. If using a screenreader, press the letter h twice. The cursor lands on,

” You only have to enter it once, we’ll ave it.

b. Next are a few lines of explaination below the above mentioned heading.

“Please enter the location for the area where you plan to use your phone the
most so we can give you

Accurate information about wireless pricing, coverage, customer service, and
offers near you.”

c. Next is found a line saying “enter your zip code:”

Arrow once to the edit field for entering the zip code.

d. Arrow down once more to “set location BTN.”

And press the spacebar to set your location.

I entered my zip code of 62650 and hit the set location button.

e. Next on the page is a check box for remembering your location. This is
checked by default. If you wish it not to be checked, hit the spacebar

f. Next is found a “wht is this” link.

g. Further down is a combox for selecting your state instead of entering
the zip code above.

I chose my state. I know this is not necessary after entering the zip code.
I just wanted to make sure I get the correct feedback.

I open the combo-box by pressing alt plus down arrow.

h. Press the first letter of your state if you chose this option and tab

i. Next is found a list of cities where this service is available.
Unfortunately this is not available for me. The closest city is 200 miles
north. So I am going to select tht cyt anyway. This is done by pressing
the first letter of your city. If it is not in the list, the service is not
available in your immediate arrea.

j. Once selecting a city, tab to “submit button”
” and hit the spacebar.

K. After a mew seconds I was taken to a page with several headings.

I am going to list those heading here. The same ones should be in on your
page if the service is available.

Under each heading is much more to explore when visiting this “contact page.
I am listing that URL again here.


Why verizon

Learn about devices

Choosing a plan

Decover wireless features

Home services

I am not listing the plans I was offered. This is not useful to anyone else.
But there is very reasonable offerings.

*III. Articles written by AFB’S Authors of the Access World Technology

About CellPHone Technology

Below are several awsome article resources regarding cellphone

a. AFB TECH Evaluates Cell Phones

This article evaluates 11 Accessable cellphones Cell Phone Accessibility:
Reviewing the LG Optimus F3 much more.

CERA Kona is an excellent accessible choice. Like the Optimus F3 …
November 2013 by Bill Holton

Article main URL:

At the spring 2013 M-Enabling Summit, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced the
upcoming availability of the LG Optimus F3, “the first phone to come
pre-loaded with Google TalkBack, which allows users who are blind or
visually impaired to receive assistive voice prompts.” According to Hesse,
“By pre-loading Google TalkBack onto the new device, we’ve enabled users to
start getting prompts the moment they take the phone out of the box and turn
it on.”

This Long Term Evolution (LTE) phone is currently free at
with a
two-year contract;jsessionid=A25C4C430BB

or can be purchased for $179.99 with a no-contract plan from Virgin Mobile

b. Odin Mobile: A New Cell Phone Carrier Specifically for People Who Are
Blind or Have Low Vision

by Janet IngbeOdin Mobile, a nationwide provider of cellular service, has
become the first cell phone company specifically dedicated to serving people
who are visually impaired. Learn more about this company and its current and
future offerings.

*IV. iPhone Now at Straight Talk Wireless

On this page there is a link called “Why Straight Talk?”

Here is information from that page.

I am also including the direct URL here in case someone wishes to explore
the page themselves.

explore i

a. Same Phones

Our phones are the same as theirs. Minus the two-year commitment nonsense.

b. The rest of this page shows various unlimited plans.

Now I am going to go Back to the home page of

” iPhone Now at Straight Talk Wireless”

On this page is a link to three cellphones Straight Talk is available for
as of today.

However, the ” 4G LTE

” link is a dead one.


iPhone 5 and the $45/mo Unlimited* Plan. The hottest way to save $950/yr.†


Enjoy the $45 per month Unlmited* Plan
on your other favorite devices.

You can get the IPhone and Straight Talk at Wal-mart.

read much more when visiting the link above.


this page contains information regarding using straight talk on the samsung
galaxy s.

it would be much more useful if interested individuals explore the page.
adding in the information would make for a very very long tip today. but i
will say, it is quite impressive regarding plans

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