You Tube demonstrations of the JAWS Screenreader

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You Tube demonstrations of the JAWS Screenreader, Dan’s Tip for September 6
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Here are several You Tube demonstrations of the JAWS Screenreader.

I found many of these quite useful in solving problems individuals have
asked about.

Posted by Everette Bacon

There are almost 2000 videos about JAWS on YouTube. Here is what I have
looked at so far.

Basic overview of the JAWS screen reader

JAWS Screen Reader – Hear an Example

Demo of JAWS Screen Reader, March 2011

Using a Computer as a Blind Person – JAWS Screen Reader

ARIA Live Regions Screen Reader Demo

Video 9 – Using Jaws Computer Screen Reader to Create A Table

Accessing the web using screen reading software

Introduction to the Screen Reader

Web accessibility for people with vision impairments

Importance of HTML Headings for Accessibility

JAWS – screen reader Demo by Pam

Introduction to screenreaders – JAWS

Logger Pro

JAWS VS NVDA. a screen reader battle

JAWS 14 screen reader VS NVDA screen reader by Robert Kingett

Assistive technology program JAWS screen reader web accessibility

JAWS screen reader reading homepage

Looking at the J K Rowling website with the Jaws screen reader

Jaws Screen Reader

Jaws version 10 screen reader


Web Accessibility Tutorial – Screen Readers

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