How to Cancel Online Accounts the Easy Way

How to Cancel Online Accounts the Easy Way

By v.laurie

Have you ever wanted to drop some online newsletter
or service but found it hard to figure out how to cancel and remove
your account? It is very common for cancelling a service to be a lot more
involved than signing up. Sometimes it takes a major hunt to find out how to
your account.

Just Delete Me

Hunt no more. Cancelling an account has been made much easier by a website
called .

It lists hundreds of services with a link right to the proper cancellation
page for each. It also offers a preview of the cancellation policy of many
services. This is worth looking at before you sign up with somebody so you
can get an idea of how hard it will be to cancel if you don’t like the
service. Also, some services won’t let you delete an account entirely once
it is set up – Pinterest and WordPress, for example – something worth

A brief tour of the site with a mouse or screenreader:

1. When visiting the homepage,

If using a screenreader, press the letter h once. The cursor is placed on
the heading of


If using a mouse, move down to the same heading.

2. If using a screenreader one can press the letter f to reach a search
edit field. Here you can enter the name of an online business you have an
account with. Simply press enter and if the business is available, it will

If using a mouse, place your pointer in that same edit field and type in a
search string. Then press enter or click search.

3. Just below the search edit field is a search button.

4. Just below the search button is the first business that an account can
be deleted from.

Below each business’s link you will see or hear “easy” or “hard.” This
referrs to the difficulty of deleting your account.

5. I actually do not have any accounts I wish to delete at this point.
However, I hve heard from a few other members that they have tried this
service with success.

Have an awsome day.

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