How to Help an Endangered Language

For the month of August 2012
How to Help an Endangered Language

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How to Help an Endangered Language
Voice of America
The biggest are Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi. Next
come Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, French and German. The United
Nations says these eleven languages are the mother tongues of half the
world’s population.
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Demand for interpreters skyrockets
Kansas City Star
Language Line, with annual revenue of $300 million, was founded 30 years ago
and is set up to interpret 170 languages. It hopes to hire 2000 additional
translators in the coming year. In a three-way phone call with a Mandarin
interpreter on the line, …
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New iTranslate Voice Provides Real-Time Translation Between Languages
Users can also share the translation outside the app. You can simply click
on the translation to copy, email, text, and tweet. Fully supported
languages and dialects are: English (US), English (UK), English (Australia),
Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United …
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