Baby boomers bring new meaning to the term lifelong learner

Have you recently found yourself at the wrong end of a job dounsizing or job
Or are you looking to find a new career now that you have retired?
Or maybe you want to change careers by going into something new?

This is easier said than done. It takes a log of research, an abundance of
time and patience, and if you do not know where to look, then you are going
to find yourself searching for a needle in a haystack! Let us help you!
Let us show you where to search and how to do it.
Take a look at our examples below and judge for yourself.

Baby boomers bring new meaning to the term lifelong learner
Medill Reports: Chicago
Many older adults are returning to school to change careers after retiring
or losing their job to start what are called “encore careers.” An encore
career allows older adults to continue to make money after retirement –
whether voluntary or involuntary …
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The Big Career Shift: Your Financial Checklist
If ditching a regular job for meaningful work is part of your “retirement”
plan, then it’s time to start taking the financial steps necessary to make
that a reality. Money is the biggest stumbling block when it comes to
changing careers later in life.
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Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs: Trick or Trend
Business Insider
I think retirement is a social tradition developed in the past for very old
people; to a lot of the baby boomers, me included, it’s a nightmare. But
careers change and life changes around the ages 55-65, as kids grow up and
careers stagnate.
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