Uninstall Unnecessary Software Programs

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Uninstall Unnecessary Software Programs
Although it’s an obvious tip to start with, some serious space can be saved
by uninstalling
unnecessary applications. You have three options:
Option One:
Scan the list of installed programs manually

1. In Windows XP:
a. Click or press the Start button.
b. Press enter on or click Control Panel.
c. Press the letter a until reaching “add remove programs” or click this
d. Arrow down through the list of programs available for uninstalling or
scan them visually.
e. When locating one to uninstall, tab to remove and press the space bar.

2. In Windows Seven:
a. Click or press the start button.
b. In the search box type the following without the quotes and press enter.
“control panel”
c. In the new search box type the following without quotes.
“uninstall a program”

d. A list of available programs is shown.
Arrow to one you wish to uninstall and press enter.
The program is uninstalled.

Option Two:
Use Revo Uninstaller to completely remove software and its traces.
This is found at:

Option Three:
Use the PC Decrapifier to remove typical “bloatware” applications from your
PC (works best with new brand-name PCs.)
This is found at:

Option Four:
Not sure what to uninstall? Ask in the forums.

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