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Top of the day to you out there! I’m Donna J. Jodhan ad the business desk
and welcome to our weekly feature: Tiny Tip of the week.
The objective of this feature is to provide you with tips that you can use
to help you become more successful at your own business ventures.

I know how difficult it is for anyone at the best of times; you are trying
to run your business and at the same time get your message out there and
keep up with the latest and greatest information. Or you are trying to
generate ideas to get started and don’t quite know where to look.
Not easy is it! So hard for you to run your business plus do the research
and write about it all at the same time. Here is where we can help. Take a
look at our Tiny Tip below and use it well to help you identify business
ideas, opportunities, plus much more.

Check yourself out online
After Googling yourself, check out a site such as, where you’ll be
able to find your details from the Electoral Roll. The good news is that you
can have yourself removed by sending in a form at:

Repeat this process on similar sites to make yourself completely
ex-directory and you should be clear from at least opportunistic searchers.

Another thing that people often miss is that if you register a website
address, by default your name and address are listed in the Whois database.
Non-commercial users can opt out of this on addresses, making them a
good one to register for personal sites.

For other domains, many registrars offer an anonymity service, which really
means claiming the domain belongs to a third party, but forwarding any
information that comes in. This usually
costs a few pounds per year.

Now, take this tiny tip and use it to find related information that you can
use to write about.
Or, take it and develop it into a smashing business venture.

Having problems writing about this? Can’t be bothered or have no time to
check the grammar, spelling, or structure of your writing? Not sure how to
go about researching related information on this?
Then contact us at We would be most happy to

I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day.

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