Baby Boomer Blindness, Forget Retirement

Have you recently found yourself at the wrong end of a job dounsizing or job
Or are you looking to find a new career now that you have retired?
Or maybe you want to change careers by going into something new?

This is easier said than done. It takes a log of research, an abundance of
time and patience, and if you do not know where to look, then you are going
to find yourself searching for a needle in a haystack! Let us help you!
Let us show you where to search and how to do it.
Take a look at our examples below and judge for yourself.

Baby Boomer Blindness, Forget Retirement
The Market Oracle
For the mass of salaried employees, their careers are based on relatively
passive order-taking and repetitive operations. Both of these are being
replaced by computerized systems. When the survey respondents were asked
about their biggest retirement …
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Who’s worse: Baby boomers or boomerang children?
Los Angeles Times
If anything, the current crop of twentysomethings spent their entire lives
taking calculated steps toward successful careers, and are now in a position
of “recalibrating” their expectations, in part because boomers won’t retire
and create more jobs in …
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For Baby Boomers, Aging Is The Next Frontier
Huffington Post
Aging as music, aging as poetics, is long overdue for discussion.” And yet,
work was a key concern of some conference participants who had come either
to elicit ideas as they faced transitions in their jobs and careers, or as
vocational counselors. …
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Chances are that you may never have been able to find these on your own.
This is what we can do for you! We are dedicated searchers and we can find
any type of information for you. We know how and where to search and how to
find you exactly what you seek.
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