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Your best american cities
By Donna J. Jodhan at

1. Minneapolis Minnesota
So you are seeking that illusive city that offers you a bit of everything?
Natural beauty with rich outdoors, green spaces, and affordability?
Well, welcome to Minneapolis!
A city that is rich in arts and culture and one with competing sports team.
A city that is one of the best for business and to do business in.
Companies of all sizes flourish in beautiful Minneapolis.
Why not come and check it out.

2. Sioux Falls South Dakota
If you are seeking one of the safest and most stable American cities to
relocate to, then that is definitely Sioux Falls South Dakota.
As one of the fastest growing cities in America, Sioux Falls offers you fast
job and income growth.
The city’s cost of living is way below the national average and real estate
is extremely affordable.
The economy of Sioux Falls is based on the services sector; financial,
health care, and retail trade.
Crime is extremely low and Sioux Falls has also been tagged as one of the
most livable cities in America.
Why not come and see for yourself.
Great shopping, fine dining, and exciting annual festivals.

3. Boston Massachusetts
Looking for a city where you can secure the future of your kids?
One where you will never have to worry about such things as health care?
A city that is steeped in history, culture, and sporting events?
If all of this meets your criteria, then a big welcome to Boston
A city where shopping awaits, site seeing is a must, and visits to museums
is a part of it all.
Bostonians are a warm bunch and are always ready to show you where to find
some of the finest dining spots in the country.
Come and be a part of the ballet and symphony ambiance.

4. Garland Texas
If you are looking for a city that offers you all of the advantages of big
city life with a small town atmosphere, then you have it all in good old
Garland Texas.
A city that has been tagged as one of the top places to live in America,
Garland is fuelled by the high tech industry and offers an excellent public
education sector as well.
Garland could be considered as a bedroom community because of its close
proximity to Dallas but it is also a city on its own.
Great opportunities to hike, bike, and swim.
A fantastic arts center, opera, and theater.
Garland is rich in all kinds of neighborhoods; tree lined suburbs, midtown
townhouses for professionals, fashionable condos and luxurious apartments
for rent.
Come and enjoy Garland.

5. Louisville Kentucky
Ah yes! Louisville! For vacation or relocation; this is the city for you.
With a unique combination of southern and western cultures, Louisville
offers you neighborhoods with picturesque streets, homes with sweeping
waterfront views, and modern condos for young professionals.
Louisville is rich in all kinds of shopping, history, and a skyline that is
to die for.
Come visit Louisville and see for yourself.
Visit the race track while you are there.

6. Oklahoma City Oklahoma
If there is a city that offers you relocation as well as vacation
opportunities all at the same time, then that city is definitely Oklahoma
A city with rolling landscape, wide open spaces, and outdoors activities in
Excellent shopping facilities, great food, hiking, biking, and riding.
Museums and art galleries to visit, and lots of history.
Come and see for yourself.

7. Salt Lake City Utah
If you are determined to give your kids some of the best education
opportunities in America, then why not Salt Lake City?
A city that is very well known for its education and medical facilities.
A city that played a part in the birth of the Internet and one that gained
even more notorietybecause it hosted the 2002 winter Olympics.
Salt Lake City is rich in history, oodles of museums to visit, and one where
progress never sleeps.
Come and enjoy Salt Lake City.

8. Tallahassee Florida
Are you looking to relocate to a city with elegance?
One that is not too crowded and one where the cost of living is below the
national average and housing prices are very affordable?
Well, welcome to Tallahassee Florida!
A city where you can still be able to live comfortably and afford it.
Unlike its fellow Florida cities, Tallahassee is not a tourist city.
Its residents are mainly employed in technology and administration and not
too many so-called Snowbirds make it their home.
Tallahassee has homes with sweeping riverfront views, and it has been tagged
as one of the best college towns for students and adults alike.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan bidding you a happy travel time.
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