The fall of the English language? – Seattle Language Translation …

By Donna J. Jodhan

Could there be such a thing as the fall of the English language? If so,
what could some of the triggers be? Could it be that more companies are
choosing to do business in another language; say English companies seeking
commercial opportunities in Mandarin Chinese? Or maybe, could it be the
other way around; Mandarin Chinese companies doing more business in English?

How could this affect our landscape for the next few years. Is it possible
that we are about to witness a shift in sands? If for example we find that
Mandarin starts to become the primary language of trade, what sort of affect
could it have on other languages such as Spanish, French, and Arabic? How
could the shift to Mandarin Chinese affect the global balance of trade?
More importantly, could it have an adverse effect on the balance of power?
Maybe and just maybe, we may see the slippage of the United States from the
top position in the world? Only time will tell. Please read my reference

The fall of the English language? – Seattle Language Translation …
By Audrey D.
Will Mandarin Chinese replace English as the language of business? Should
native English speakers learn another language? With companies around the
world increasingly doing business in English, it might seem like English is
quickly becoming the world’s lingua franca … And with the new Word Lens
app on the iPhone, we can see a bright future for translation technology!
What are your thoughts about the future of the English language? Is it too
soon to predict its downfall? …
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