PandaLabs: 90% of Internet users over 60 are male and spend more …

By Heather DeMarco and Donna J. Jodhan

Ah yes kids! They can certainly be the joys of our lives but at the same
time, they can also be the concerns of the moment. When it comes to the
topic of online security, here is where the concern grows. Your grandkid
comes to visit you and asks if they can use your computer to surf the
Internet or go on Skype to chat. You say yes but do you really know if
indeed, they are doing what they asked to do?

Some of the more savvy grandparents would be able to keep tabs on their
grandkids but for those who do have a computer but are not that savvy; here
is where the problem comes in. Grandparents and even parents, need to
become more strict and aware ofwhat the youngsters are doing when they go
onto the home’s computer. There are ways to keep tabs and there are lots of
info on how to do it. We have an excellent reference for you to follow up
on and we invite you now to read on.

PandaLabs: 90% of Internet users over 60 are male and spend more …
By pandalabs
13% of seniors over 60 acknowledge the fact that minors use their home
computers . When questioned whether they know their grandchildren’s online
activities, 42% acknowledge to doing so whereas 39% only know them partly
and 18% know almost … Our simple tips aim to increase Internet users’
confidence. The website also contains resources to help users understand the
concept of online security and protect themselves, like free courses on
viruses and other computer threats, …
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