How baby boomers juggle caring for kids and aging parents

By Donna J. Jodhan

They are known as the baby boomers but they are also known as the sandwich
generation. They were given the name of the latter because of their
somewhat precarious position. This being that they find themselves having
to take care of aging parents while at the same time do the same for their
own kids.

Not an easy task and many of this generation find themselves having to look
for outside help. In the case of their parents, they have to find suitable
seniors homes that will be able to provide adequate health care for them and
in the case of their kids, they have to find and develop ways to keep up
with their needs and demands. Then! They now have to deal with the fall
out from the recent recession; huge cracks in their nest eggs, loss of jobs,
and damage to their investments.

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How baby boomers juggle caring for kids and aging parents
“We see a good amount of people in the sandwich generation,” said Nancy
Vetter, director of social services at Anderson Hospital in Maryville. “We
see a lot of people exhausted and at the end of their rope.” But as more and
more join the ranks of …
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