Chinese To Supplant English As Number One Language On Internet …

By Donna J. Jodhan

I do not think that anyone should be surprised to hear that some day soon we
may very well have a new language at the head of the line. In short, the
day may not be too far when we find that our landscape has shifted that
little bit to see that Chinese has surpassed English as the main language
being spoken.

For the past few years, Chinese has steadily been creeping on up English for
the main prize and with the Mandarin dialect being spoken more and more in
China, many experts are saying that Mandarin is poised to overtake English.
When could this all happen? Much sooner than later. Should we be
concerned? It depends on how we view things.

For those Mandarin speakers, this could be a very good thing but for the
English-speaking world, it may be a concern. Is there anything that anyone
could do to stop this trend? Very hard to say but I would like you to read
an excellent article below.

Chinese To Supplant English As Number One Language On Internet …
No surprise that English is number one, but creeping at a rapid pace is
Chinese- or should it be Mandarin? Because there are so many dialects spoken
in China as it is-trailed by Spanish. Source: Related
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