Broadband Cable Internet Access To Grow Due To Decreased Prices In …

By Alix Shadonnay and Donna J. Jodhan

We are only here to echo what many experts have been saying for the last few
years. If somehow tele communications companies can increase the
availability of broadband cable Internet access to rural areas, it would
open up a plethora of opportunities and possibilities for persons living in
these areas to become their own bosses. That is, they will be able to
establish their own businesses; home based and of the small to medium sized

We have already seen what the Internet has done and continues to do for
those who have easy access; the sky is the limit so to speak. Just think
about it! Enabling the rural world to become a part of the Internet could
only mean an influx of a new type of consumer, a new type of customer, and a
person just dying to be a part of the action.

Please see our reference below. It speaks to what many continue to preach.

Broadband Cable Internet Access To Grow Due To Decreased Prices In …
By Stratsis incite
Expanding broadband networks to rural areas leads to new opportunities for
nonagricultural employment, better-paying agricultural jobs and greater
overall productivity. Access to broadband also fosters small-business
growth, allows citizens in remote areas to work from home, provides greater
access to crop market prices and enables rural businesses to compete more
effectively in world markets. Broadband has generally been adopted more
slowly and has not had a measurable …
Stratsis Incite –

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