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By Heather DeMarco and Donna J. Jodhan

One can never be too careful or cautious when it comes to protecting one’s
self from identity theft and fraud. It is not going to get any better so we
may as well get used to it. The hackers are getting smarter and more savvy.
The cyber pirates are becoming more innovative and creative and we need to
match this with our abilities to counteract, counterplan, and counter

We want to give you just a few tips to get you thinking.
1. Be ware of phishing attacks; where you receive emails asking you to login
to your online banking website and either verify or change your username
and/or password.
2. Be careful when you go to a website where you receive a message asking
you to download a certain piece of software that will help to protect your
computer from viruses and spy ware.
3. Be ware of emails that ask you to verify your visa number; those that
also ask you to provide the last three digits on the back of your credit
4. Never give out your social security number, your credit card number, your
banking details, or your date of birth to: unrecognized senders of emails,
to strangers on the phone, or to anyone that you do not recognize.

We have a really informative reference for you to read. Please see below.

Seven basic security tips : Cameron’s Blog
By Cameron Harris
Seven basic security tips. by Cameron Harris. With identity fraud, constant
reports of stolen user details and providers and websites being hacked,
people sometimes think that security is either too hard or something that is
the … Everyone should make sure that their home network and computers are
secure, and be are aware of phishing attacks and how to avoid them. 1.
Passwords It’s very common for people to use one or two passwords to access
every service they use. …
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