Online Security ? 5 Top Tips To Protect Your Computer Against …

By Heather DeMarco and Donna J. Jodhan

If you are still unsure as to how to best protect your computer, then we
have a terrific article for you to check out. One can never be too careful
and too protective of their computer system and their vital information.

Be ware of those so-called phishing scams that come in the form of emails
asking for your banking details and if you are naive enough to provide them
to the sender of the email, then you have just unwittingly given them
permission to invade your security and grab your vital information for their
own devious purposes. These emails almost always appear to be innocent but
in actuality, they are anything but.

Make sure that you are always protected by the most up to date software;
virus protection, malware protection, and spyware protection. Keep your
wits about you and never reply to an unknown sender or open an email with an
attachment from someone that you do not know. We have an excellent article
for you to read and we invite you now to read on.

Online Security – 5 Top Tips To Protect Your Computer Against …
By aircompressors
Phishing attacks dupe users into clicking an ostensibly legitimate link in
an email that request the user to maybe update their banking details when in
fact it is just a ruse to grab your details for their own devious ends. …
By adhering to these 7 simple tips you can make sure you have a productive
internet shopping experience. By: l. > l. Jul 09, 2009. Protect your new
computer/ notebook /laptop with these top ten free security software that
will keep your new PC …
typical pc user –

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