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Top of the day to you out there! I’m Donna J. Jodhan at the business desk
and today, I am pleased to be back with you for one more time.
How many of you know about the garment mislabelling scam? Well, please
read my tiny tip at the end of my blog (The garment mislabelling scam).
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Question from Mark Lufthouse: Do you think that seniors will choose to
remain active after retirement?
Answer: Mark, according to my reference below, why not? It appears that
this generation of seniors is being tagged as one of the most active
generations. Please see below.
Retired and active: Seniors seek ways to continue living life to the fullest
Poughkeepsie Journal
Many of today’s baby boomers are busy caring for aging parents, and don’t
always stop to plan out their own approaching retirement years. …
Read more at:–Seniors-seek-ways-to-continue-living-life-to-the-fullest

Question from Paul Rindstat: Could seniors be the answer to generating more
Answer: Paul, this may seem to be the case and why not? Many of them are
looking for ways to stay active. Please see below.
Are Seniors the Answer? | EducationState: the education news blog.
By editors
These Third Age Centers for Productivity, are based on a new ethic of aging
that calls for all seniors to volunteer for service, to the extent possible,
that directly or indirectly contributes to productivity. In addition to
aiding and … The Centers will correct a flaw in the current system of
volunteerism by establishing neighborhood locations where one-on-one
personal counseling and shepherding can effectively absorb millions of baby
boomers into volunteer service. …
EducationState: the education news blog. –

Question from Bruce Faraday: Are there any opportunities to avoid those get
rich quick scams if you choose to work from home?
Answer: Bruce, I have a great article for you to read. It is possible and
this article shows you how. Please see below.
5 No Fee Work From Home Opportunities
However, it is possible to find scam free work at home jobs for moms or for
anyone looking for that matter. Whether you are looking for work from home
jobs in the US, Australia, UK or Ireland, it is possible you just need to
avoid the numerous scams. … If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman
please visit our work from home opportunities website today. You will find
useful information to help you quickly start a new home business on the
internet. …
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Question from Krishna Singh: How useful are the classified ads for finding
Answer: Krishna, this is indeed a very broad question and I am not sure how
to answer it. However, I have found something that may help you. Please
see below.
How to Find Jobs for Your Foreclosure Cleaning & Real Estate …
Filter News. Country. Australia …. Online job boards are fertile outlets
for foreclosure cleanup work
(, if you know
how to search for the plethora of opportunities. … The above job posting
is an excellent opportunity for a properly licensed and insured foreclosure
cleanup business. Finding Jobs via Classified Ads Websites Even classified
ad websites have become popular outlets for property preservation, …
Home business – Latest News –

Question from Jane Willowby: I am a working mom with kids to leave at home
after school. Do you have any tips for me?
Answer: Jane, here you go. This article may help you to find some
solutions. Please see below.
Are Your Kids Home Alone After School? Home Security Safety Tips for Working

PR Web (press release)
Below are 10 tech tips for you to safeguard your kids when they are home
alone after school: 1. Install a security system integrated with remote
monitoring …
Read more at:

Question from Chip Hadwell: Donna, what do you think of the Avast anti
virus software?
Answer: Chip, here you go. This article may answer your question. I’ll
let you be the judge.
Avast! Home Edition / Professional / Internet Security 5.0.677 …
By admin
Home Edition a complete antivirus specifically designed for use on a home
computer. Avast! Home Edition can scan files, memory, electronic mail, to
find macro viruses. Simple user interface Avast! Home Edition provides
access to all the …
Mogobo –

I am out of time for this week but before I leave you, here is my tiny tip
of the week.
The garment mislabelling scam works like this.
There are clothes manufacturers who have been caught deliberately tampering
with the sizes of clothes. They for example sell a size 6 garment that is
actually a size 8 garment. So, when someone feels that they have lost some
inches around the midd section, it is not really true. This is being coined
the mislabelling of garments scam.

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