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Top of the day to you. I’m Donna J. Jodhan at the business desk and I am
delighted to be back with you once more.
Today, I have a few questions to respond to and in addition, my tiny tip to
share with you.
Are you familiar with how to use forums to spread the word about yourself?
Please see my tiny tip at the end of my blog (How to use forums to spread
the word).
Time for me to open up our e-bag.

Question from Stephen Jefferson: Donna, how has this recession affected the
spending habits of boomers?
Answer: Steven, I am very sure that the financial habits of boomers have
been affected by this recession. Maybe more belt tightening, more saving,
more conservation of funds, maybe lots more. Please read my reference
Financial wake-up call: Recession affects baby boomers’ money habits, say

Southeast Missourian
According to local financial advisers, the recent economic recession has
heightened this fear and caused some baby boomers and seniors to step up
their …
Read more at:

Question from Martha Reingold: Could Hong Kong be a potential stop for
retiring boomers?
Answer: Martha, I am not too sure what you mean so I have taken the liberty
of providing you with an article about Hong Kong which may or may not help
you. Please see below.
Hong Kong: “Golden Age Delight” highlights importance of pre …
By admin
Filed under: News. Officiating at the opening ceremony of the Golden Age
Delight pre-retirement activity today (November 6), the Secretary for Labour
and Welfare, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, encouraged members of the public
to plan ahead in order to lead a full and rich life … Speaking at the
opening ceremony, Mr Cheung said, As the baby boomer generation reached
retirement age, how to prepare for a healthy and quality retirement life has
become a new issue of concern. …
Business & Finance News and Press… –

Question from Karen Farmer: Where can I go to find some alternatives to
small business loans?
Answer: Karen, here you go. Please see below.
Best Home Business Finding Alternatives to Small Business Loans
It has Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) throughout the
country, ready to help small business owners to get registered and find
opportunities in the area of government grants and contracts. Counselors
assist small …
Best Home Business –

Question from Rick Howensee: Is the home business route really what people
make it out to be?
Answer: Rick, I have a terrific article for you to read and I’ll let you be
the jedge for yourself. Please see below.
Home Business – Is the Income Opportunity Real? | Business Support …
By Peter Harvey
Location and market also play a part in a home business owner’s success,
particularly if distribution of products and customer service are performed
on site. With Internet-based opportunities, however, these risks are
significantly …. If you’re running a home-based business there are a wide
range of government requirements that may apply to you. Things to consider
when running a small business from home include taxation, employment,
council approval and licensing. [.] …
Business Support Services Australia –

Question from Dale Hammer: Donna, do you have any tips on how I can protect
my home computer?
Answer: Dale, here you go. A great article for you to read. Please see
How to protect your Computer. Wery useful Tips | Tech Help Nerd
By admin
Home users also need to take means to make sure that their credit card
numbers are secure when they are participating in online transactions. A
computer security risk is any action that could cause lost of information,
software, data, …
Tech Help Nerd –

Question from Hamish Christy: Donna, is there a difference between the
security that one would need for a home business versus that for a small to
medium sized business?
Answer: Hamish, definitely so and I am goingto give you a great reference
to check out. Please see below.
BEL Network – Leaders in Managed Security Services and Security …
By Author
A small home or an office would only require basic security while large
businesses will require high maintenance and advanced software and hardware
to prevent malicious attacks from hacking and spamming. Server Data Backup
and computer …
Technology News And Tips –

I am out of time for this week but before I leave you, here is my tiny tip
of the week.

The use of forums is definitely growing in popularity and for good reason.
Use forums to spread the word about yourself. Do this by responding to
questions that you feel qualified and comfortable to respond to.
It works like a charm.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.

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