Older Americans Consume the Most News (U.S. News & World Report

By Donna J. Jodhan

We are living in an information society and a knowledge based economy and it
is no wonder that many older Americans spend much of their time catching up
on the latest and greatest. However, we may be asking ourselves why is it
that older Americans are doing this? I don’t think that there is any clear
cut answer to this; suffice it to say that this is indeed the case and we
should be taking note of it.

Maybe older Americans see more of a need to consume more news? Maybe they
want to be kept more in the know? Maybe and just maybe, they see a real
need to do so? Whatever the reason, it is a fact and maybe there are
companies out there that should be using this real fact to build their
marketing plans, their messages to consumers, and their services to cater to
more older Americans.

We should all be paying attention to the latest and greatest news; to keep
in touch, to learn what is predicted to take place with regard to trends and
events, and so on. Older Americans may just have it right. Keep abreast
and keep ahead. I have an excellent reference for you to read. Please see

Older Americans Consume the Most News (U.S. News & World Report …
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US News & World Report – Americans age 50 and over are the biggest consumers
of news. Baby boomers between the ages of 50 and 64 spend an average of 81
minutes a day reading, listening to, or watching the news in newspapers, on
the radio, … to a Pew Research Center telephone survey of 3006 adults.
Retirees spend even more time keeping up with the news. Seniors age 65 and
older consume 83 minutes worth of news each day, compared to 70 minutes
among the population as a whole .
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