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Question from Brad Kent: Can you tell me if most seniors either live on
their own or in homes?
Answer: Brad, here is something for you. Please see below.
Senior Citizens’ Culture Poll: Do You Live In A Highly Restricted …
By admin
A person of relatively advanced age, especially a person at or over the age
of retirement. senior citizens’ resources usa gov Directory of official
information and services for senior citizens from the U.S. government. …
Senior citizens are often the targets of criminal activity, particularly
scams. Seniors can be targeted by telephone, through the mail, door-to-door
or over the Internet. (source); website for baby boomers over 50 senior
citizens senior …
USlatestnews.Net –

Question from Mitch Haig: Donna, what are some of the reasons you think as
to why seniors should keep on working?
Answer: Mitch, here you go. The article below has 14 reasons outlined.
Please give this one a read.
Top 14 Reasons to be A Working Senior | Financial News
Furthermore, it will be interesting to watch what happens to economic growth
in the United States as the baby boomer generation transitions from
accumulators of wealth (working) to spenders of assets (retired). …
Boredom is a common complaint amongst retirees. Boredom can also lead to
depression and mental and physical decay. Before retiring completely, be
sure you have an idea of what you would like to be doing and a plan for how
you are going to do it. …
Financial News –

Question from Grace Kennedy: Donna, how does one go about choosing the
right type of home business?
Answer: Grace, my initial response to this would be: Based on skills,
interests, experience, financial resources, and willingness to learn and
keep on learning. I have a great reference for you to check out. Please
see below.
Home Business – How Do You Choose The Right Home Business …
By admin
It is very common that small companies which cannot afford to hire a
full-time accountant, engage such services to handle their accounting
issues. They can create several income streams just by providing accounting
services to these small … Kamsani is a network marketer and enjoys helping
people to achieve financial freedom. To download free ebooks on internet
marketing and find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so
you can work at home, visit: …
Business44.Com – Business Site –

Question from Frank Rhodes: Do you have any info to share on business
trademark related stuff?
Answer: Frank, your question is very vague but I may have something to get
you going. I am not sure if this is what you are asking about but give it a
read and if it is not then please let us know and I’ll do my best to be a
bit better at answering your question next time around.
India Import Data – Business Opportunities & Trends
The database managing the records regarding India Import Data plays a very
important and pivotal role in the handling of daily trade business and thus
generating insight for all those seeking out for opportunities in trade
market and business. … performed some type of work from home job
opportunities to earn a living from home. Out of these, roughly two millions
folks gave specialized small business expert services. One of these includes
online data entry jobs. …
RSS for EzineMark Articles –

Question from Darrell Signs: Where can I go to find a good home camera
security system?
Answer: Darrell, here you go. Please see below. I hope it helps.
New blog gives homeowners use tips and trends that they can home …
By admin
Question : best wireless home security camera system with night vision?
looking for a good home security system that is wireless but dependable.
Maybe a system that will work from a computer harddrive like a dvr system
wireless home …
ytlsf blog –

Question from Heather Danielson: Do you have any tips on how I could
protect my home computer from viruses?
Answer: Heather, here you go. A perfect article for you to read. Please
see below.
5 Ways To Protect Your Computer From Viruses And Other Harms
How to protect your computer and keep it safe. Learn 5 tips for securing
your computer. … In this case a computer user must have several scanners
in order to detect all the malware and remove these threats. This kind of
approach requires more time and a little bit more work. On the other hand,
paid computer security software provides more comprehensive protection than
the free one. These programs like Norton Internet Security 2009 is fast,
efficient and automatic. …
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Question from Gina Lobo: Are home foreclosures having an effect on our
mental health?
Answer: Gina, I really believe so and I am going to let the article below
speak for me. It is a very interesting one and I’ll let it do the talking
for me.
Rising Home Foreclosures: A Health Risk – Higher Levels of Anxiety,
All247News (blog)
The survey noted that rates of anxiety and stress were two times higher
among foreclosed residents who also showed depression signs. …
Read more at:

Question from Ina Gerrard: Does or can therapy really help with depression
and anxiety?
Answer: Ina, I have a great article for you to read and I hope you find a
few winks to read it. I believe that it would help to explain things more
clearly to you. I hope it helps.
New Approach to Anxiety, Depression and Stress with Innovative …
By annyeastwood
She poses provocative questions like, what if depression is a soul call to a
meaningful life? What if stress, anxiety, and panic attacks are our body’s
way of signaling us to slow down and pay closer attention to our experience?
This may sound easy enough to do, but from Eastwood’s perspective
unfortunately, it is not. “By the time most of us have reached adulthood,
out of necessity we …

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