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Question from Brad Bleachman: Donna, where could I find some info on how to
evaluate when I should retire, and length of time that I should be retired?
I hope that I am making some sort of sense here.
Answer: Brad, I am not sure that I understand your question but here you
go. A great article for you to read and I hope it helps.
Stress and Anxiety of Complex Retirement Planning Choices …
By admin
Visitors, both baby-boomers and retirees, use the site to evaluate their
readiness for a lengthy retirement. After they complete a brief personal
finance and retirement plan evaluation, the website presents them with
alternatives to help … To protect retirees and help boomers decide what’s
best for them, the advantages and disadvantages of each service are
explained. For example, a product growing in popularity with Seniors,
reverse mortgages, is found under the heading …
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Question from Brent Garrigos: What are the qualificatins for becoming a
home care workers for seniors?
Answer: Brent, here you go. A great question and one that should be fully
addressed. I hope that the reference below helps.
Staff Of Home Care – Services And Qualifications To Care For The …
As the baby boomers in the society are now reaching the retirement age,
there would be a need for their carers. There tends to be a great demand for
skilled elderly carers. The demand for these kind of service personnel even
went high … Many retirees are drawn to Florida’s West Coast, specifically
the Tampa Bay area. These folks relocate to Florida for its temperate
climate and easy living. Our nation’s baby boomers are coming into their
retirement years, and they are a …
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Question from Kerry Fischer: How realistic is it to expect that one can
work from home at their own pace?
Answer: Kerry, I really believe that it is indeed extremely realistic to do
so and I have an article to back up my opinion. Please see below.
Working From Home – Working At Your Own Pace
With the advances of the Internet and the availability of various online
business opportunities it has never been easier to start your own business
and work form home. There are so may opportunities out there to work from
home, …
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Question from Steve Sacharin: Is there a website where I can post free ads
to attract small business customers?
Answer: Steve, not sure if my reference below will help but you can give it
a go. I would be curious to get your feedback.
Welcome to Desiclassifieds Free Classifieds Free Ads Free …
By admin
We are providing Space for online business opportunities like small business
new business business opportunities for women internet business work from
home home based work at home global business opportunities business
opportunities … Post your ads free to find the best insider tips reviews
and pictures from locals and travelers for Worldwide hotels restaurants must
see activities trvel to europe mexico asia america south spain france
america central canada taiwan china …
Cars –

Question from Damico Paulo: Is there such a thing as best practices for
home computer security?
Answer: Damico, according to my reference below, there does exist some best
practices. I found htis article a few days ago and am sharing it with you.
I hope it helps.
Internet Security: 7 Practices for Computer Security

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