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Top of the day to you out there! I’m Donna J. Jodhan at the business desk
and today as November starts its long journey towards the busy holiday
season, I have a great tip for you at the end of my blog.
How much do you know about gift certificates? To learn more, please see my
tiny tip at the end of my blog (all about gift certificates). Time now to
open up our e-nbag.

Question from Mark Linton: Donna, is it really true that seniors are
choosing nursing homes in Mexico over ones here in America?
Answer: Mark, according to the reference that I have for you, this seems to
be the case. I’d like for you to read it and see for yourself.
Ole! Seniors Choosing Nursing Homes in Mexico
By admin
Ole! Seniors Choosing Nursing Homes in Mexico. As millions of baby boomers
reach retirement age and U.S. health care costs soar, Mexican nursing home
managers expect more American seniors to head south in coming years. …. In
other American enclaves, in-home healthcare services have sprung up to serve
the retirees. In Rosarito, just south of the U.S. border, INCARE provides
nursing aides to retirees starting at $8.33 an hour, less than half the cost
of the same service …
student loans zone –

Question from Katie Harrison: Is there such a thing as extra income forbaby
Answer: Katie, this reference may or may not help you but I thought that I
would put it out there anyway for you to read. Please have a read.
extra retirement income – Will Your Retirement Income Be Enough to …
By admin More money for retirement years – enjoy it too …
Any advice would be great. Thank you. Mail this post. Technorati Tags: extra
retirement income. Tags: extra retirement income. This entry was posted on
Thursday, September 16th, 2010 at 12:11 am and is filed under baby boomer
extra income. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0
feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. … –

Question from Peter Kinley: What are some of the benefits of automation for
small businesses?
Answer: Peter, here you go. A perfect article for you to read. I hope it
Business Organisation Opportunities 3 – Mind-Blowing E-commerce …
By frank
It is really crucial to automate your business to raise your product sales.
As your small business gets bigger you are going to arrive at a point when
it becomes inefficient to try and do everything yourself. That’s where
software becomes necessary. …. Additionally you can learn about setting
up, restarting, fixing, managing, or optimising your internet enterprise by
visiting this home, internet marketing, or online business-enterprise
opportunities site. …
Future Clix –

Question from Frank Morrow: Where can I go to find a coaching and mentoring
company to help me get going with my Internet business?
Answer: Frank, here you go. A perfect reference for you to use. I hope it
Immacc The New Way To Market (internet Marketing Mentoring And …
IMMACC the (Internet Marketing Mentoring And Coaching Center) provides
excellent home based business opportunities online with its top class
training and mentoring program. No matter which niche you belong to … The
IMMACC franchise is not just popular with the novices on the internet, but
also for the experienced marketers, professionals, work from home moms, and
anybody who intends to make a small investment and earn big compensation.
There is no overhead cost involved … – : Business –

Question from Jamie Seagal: How can I protect my financial documents from
hackers and intruders?
Answer: Jamie, a great question and I have a great article for you to check
out. I hope it helps.
Protecting Your Financial Documents From Disaster
San Francisco Chronicle
Here we offer some tips that will not only help you get your financial house
… Access to personal identification documents such as your Social Security

Read more at:

Question from Ryan Seaberger: How can I find a way to obtain some Internet
Answer: Ryan, here you go. Check out the reference below. I hope it
Easy Internet Privacy
Lew Rockwell
But I will also add some easy but optional extra strength privacy tips where
relevant. Anything from your home broadband carries with it the internet …
read more at:

Question from Chris Lucas: Have the Chilean minors experienced any
depression after their ordeal?
Answer: Chris, this appears to be the case and I’ll let the article below
speak for me.
Sign of depression among Chilean miners who were trapped
READ MORE: Chilean miners, depression among Chilean miners, Chilean miners
trapped, mine, trapped, chile, depression, trapped miners, trapped miner,
tunnel, rescue, Environment, health-news, Disaster Accident, Santiago,
miners. More News From: Santiago : Chile …. Three or four of the miners
are showing signs of anxiety and depression, Chilean Health Minister Jaime
Manalich said. The youngest trapped miner, Jimmy Sanchez, 19, is afraid of
the dark, his girlfriend said. …
allvoices – Contributed news… –

Question from Amanda Downey: I am looking for ways to deal with my panic
attacks. Any suggestions Donna?
Answer: Amanda, here you go. I’d like for you to read my reference below.
I hope it helps.
how to handle panic attacks – treatment of anxiety disorder – joe …
By help for depression
The good news is that they are totally treatable. This article aims to
inform the reader of ways in which he or she can treat or even cure their
panic attacks. Do you need help for panic attacks? Panic attacks and Anxiety
is a common …
Help for Depression – cures for… –

I am out of time for this week but before I leave you, here is my tiny tip
of the week.
Want to know a bit about the gift certificate business? Well, it is a 10
billion dollar annual business.
Many people buy gift certificates as gifts but more often than not,
recipients never use them. Many of these gift certificates have expiry
dates and some others have fine print rules to them which are often not
If you would like to learn more about how to redeem gift certificates then
here is something for you.
Go to or www.plastic

I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.

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