Foreign language jobs and careers identified – Legal interpreters in demand

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Week of November 20 2010
Foreign language jobs and careers identified

Is the demand for legal interpreters growing?
If so, then what is driving this potent demand?
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Legal interpreters in demand
Knoxville News Sentinel
AP NASHVILLE – The legal needs of non-English speakers and other vulnerable
… when practices for using and paying translators vary from county to
county. …
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Where or how does one go about find a good translator?
Through reputable agencies, at schools, where?
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The Curse of Finding Language Translators –
By SEO Link
There can be a number of exceptional translators who would have the ability
to complete the above, but most translators can only give exceptional
results within their core vocabulary. For example, an English-German
verbiage translation …
Baltimore HUD Homes Blog –

Where can one go to learn a language that is easy to learn and useful as
Does such a language exist?
Please read on.
What is a language that is both easy and useful to learn? | 4u-2 …
By 4u Articles
1 because it is a rich beautiful language though if you travel to Greece we
speak multiple languages and English is quite popular everything there
pretty much has an English translation 2 it really is just an impressive fun
language 3 this needs no … Where I live, there are many Spanish-speaking
individuals who come here from Mexico that do not speak any English. I have
also heard that Chinese and Russian would be very useful languages to learn
for business purposes. …
4u-2 Articles –

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