Foreign language jobs and careers identified – Jobs that require bilingual skills

Hello there! I’m Jeff N Marquis at the business desk and it’s the final
week of November. The holiday season is upon us. Today, I have some
important headlines to impart; all about those jobs that require bilingual
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Week of November 27 2010
Foreign language jobs and careers identified

Which types of jobs require bilingual skills?
Is it worth the while to develop bilingual skills?
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Jobs that require bilingual skills – II | One Hour Translation Blog
By Matt Moore
In a multilingual society like the U.S. for example employees knowing
Spanish or Chinese in addition to English are preferred. They are so much in
demand that some insurance companies offer additional incentives like $500
for new hires who are bilingual. Even the U.S. Department of … Accurate
translation of court proceedings as well as interpretation in court rooms
when one or both the parties do not know the local language is important to
deliver proper justice. …
One Hour Translation Blog –

Can you name the top 10 mosed used languages on the Internet?
Is it worth the trouble to know?
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