Protect your PC against External Security Threats | The Antivirus …

By Heather DeMarco and Donna J. Jodhan

In the same way that you go to all lengths to protect your home, your
banking details, your car, and so on; you need to do the same for your
computer. Trust me, it is no different.

In the same way that you would not give the keys to your home or your car to
anyone that you do not trust or the keys to your desk or your safety deposit
box to a stranger, you need to think the same way when it comes to your
computer. In this case, the keys to your computer is represented by your
password and in addition: You need to install the appropriate software that
would enable you to protect your computer system.

You need to install appropriate and adequate spyware and anti virus
software. You need to keep these pieces of software up to date, and you
need to ensure that you keep your passwords safe and secure from others.
Finally, use passwords that are difficult to decipher; a combination of
letters and numbers. I have an excellent reference for you to check out.
Please see below.

Protect your PC against External Security Threats | The Antivirus …
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